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Highest SR in the world?

OP GodBobby

Hey! I am currently sitting at a SR of 129. Does anyone have a SR higher or know anyone that has a higher SR?
No, there are some at the last few levels.
I was under the assumption that someone already hit the max level of SR?
Max SR is 152, I believe.
I have a friend at 144, I'm only 109 right now.
I'm 125, but I dont want to know a 152 player xD
Im at 85 right now and haven't seen a player over 139.
At Halo 4 the highest rank was I think it surpasses SR150 XD
I've seen an SR147
How much time do you have to waste to get to max rank anyway?
Rank 152 is the highest. Some people have gotten it, but these are usually the people with neck beards and wear Fedoras.
Max is 152 if I'm correct, so really you can't go any higher.
Exenius wrote:
Im at 85 right now and haven't seen a player over 139.
147 is the highest I've seen. Haven't seen higher than that personally but I'm sure someone has clawed their way to 150 of not max.
There is a YouTube video (don't know by whom) that after hitting SR 100 you're only HALF WAY to 152 due to experience needed to hit anything higher.
I suggest holding out on using Arena/war zone XP jackpot and ultra rare/legendary xp until AFTER 100 but I don't know anybody that Has that much patience.
I, myself, play on 4 different accounts and having a hard time keeping them even with one another