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[Locked] How armour should be unlocked in Halo 6


Now I know alot of you like unlocking armour through the req system, and a lot of you (myself included) enjoy unlocking cosmetics through challenges and achievements. But I found a solution that covers both parties. How about we have some armour unlockable through req packs and some unlocked through challenges and achievements. Not only that but instead of useless skins being also thrown into the req pool, how about we have some real badass flames, skull variants, shark teeth or other wacky designs for the armour in the form of armour paint jobs. But there's a catch, for you to be able to equip the modified paintjob armour, you have to unlock the base armour first (of course base armour exclusive to the req pool should have a higher chance of unlocking for the player before their paintjob counter parts). This also gives those who grinded (is that a word in this context?) the challenge for that badass set of armour something else to grind for (the badass paintjob) and if a player unlocks a paint job for an armour piece they haven't unlocked and need to via challenge/ achievement, it'll insentivise them to unlock it. Also maybe add tabs for the armour, so when Iclick on the desired armour I want to wear it asks me if I want to equip a skin or just wear the default. They could also add paint job packs given out by a roughed up marine or just throw em in customization packs. (But please don't throw emblems in again.)
I think it's obvious the req system won't be leaving anytime soon and it's importent to make a compromise, for those who want the thrill of luck and for those who want to boast an armour that shiws their achievement.
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