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How was your first encounter against the floods?


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Didn’t know a thing about the flood. I was on Halo:CE 343 guilty spark you guys remember the pelican that’s crash in the radio chatter that’s going on then I knew something was Gonna happen lol!
I never looked at popcorn the same way again.
my first encounter with the flood was back in 2008 at a friends house on H3. I was 8 years old and the flood were both scary and cool to me lol. oh the nostalgia
I kept blastin'. I found another gun and started blastin' that one, too.
Terrifying 😅
Since my first game was Halo 2 I didn't get that same special introduction to them as I would have in CE. I don't remember my first ever encounter with them but I do remember that I didn't really enjoy playing the flood levels very much, I probably appreciate them more now.
Halo 3 was my first encounter and it probably wasn’t the best first encounter. Halo 3 made it seem much scarier than the first 2 games IMO… I honestly hope the flood comes back in Infinite although I doubt it
I just remember magdumping sniper ammo into them and wondering if it was even doing any damage (hint: it wasn’t)
BIGB EC wrote:
It was almost 14 years ago so I don't remember but I imagine that it was frustrating due to not knowing that plasma weapons worked best against them.
I only found that out a couple of weeks ago in Halo 3 when all my weapons were out of ammo so I picked up some Plasma Rifles.
My first encounter is when I was young. I used to make others play the mission for me, so I didn't have to look at them. Bout' peed myself.
I -Yoink- MYSELF!
I was 8 when CE came out, and to go down into that facility, alone, without Cortana, with human and covenant bodies everywhere, not knowing WTF is going on, watching that video of Jenkins and then having the door cave in was LEGITIMATLY TERRIFYING for me!
But I have nothing but fond memories, I swear haha <3
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