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[Locked] I'm OK With REQ Packs Returning in Halo 6...

OP Br4k3d0wN

... If Warzone returns. REQ packs should contain weapons, vehicles, and powerups for use in the Warzone game mode.


Customization from Halo Reach should return in Halo 6. Credits should return and replace REQ points to give us a currency that can both be earned in-game and subsequently purchased for real world money (because let's face it - microtransactions are here to stay). Credits should be redeemable in exchange for REQ packs, armor pieces, visors, armor effects, weapon skins, etc. Emblems should exist for everyone to customize out of the gate, with new emblems being unlocked through achievements in-game.

This way, players can truly customize their Spartan to their liking instead of letting RNG dictate their unique looks. Some customization pieces should require the completion of certain tasks to unlock for purchase (think Helioskrill or Achilles), so one can't just buy the best looking items outright. They'd have to earn the right to buy them.
Feel free to use the wishlist threads that exist. But I'm fairly sure that request has been posted already. :)