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[Locked] If Marines are to ODST, than the Army is to?

OP Policjant Husky

If ODST is to the marines, what is the special forces of the Army in the Halo Universe?
I don't believe that's ever been mentioned.
S 000 DeM wrote:
I don't believe that's ever been mentioned.
This. Also, the Army branch of the UNSC isn't as big as the Marine Corps, since the Marines are also space-based.
Gracias, I was always curious about this
Whenever I play Reach, it always seems like the Army members are actually all Star Trek red shirts in disguise.
While ODST's are a sub-group of the Marines, they fall more in-line as a SOCOM blanket division than an internally managed one. ODST's are drawn from all over the UNSC's corps and are not specifically trained Marines.

But if you need analogies for equivalent training/roles, I'd say;
Noble would be the Army's Delta Force.
The "original" Spartan II's are the Navy's SEAL's.
ODST's are the Airborne's "Green Berets."

The UNSC does in fact maintain what we call a planet anchored or terra-based Navy, Airforce and Army. These divisions act more like the US's Coast Guard as whole rather than as individual units to themselves. They fall under the exo-Navy's control (because they are under ONI's and ONI controls all, but best through the Navy ;).
Like Erickyboo said. The Army Airborne. I wonder if the Spartan III's count as Army special forces since they are under army command. I hope in the future we'll get more information on the Army and Marine corp. both are are very unexplored in Halo's lore IMO. hopefully we'll learn more about them eventually.
the odst is actually under authority of the navy, the marines use spartans
WyatEerp wrote:
the odst is actually under authority of the navy, the marines use spartans
The ODSTs are a subdivision of the UNSC Marine Corps. As stated above, they draw recruits from other branches, but the ODSTs are a subdivision of the Marines. Now, the Marines are under the Navy as well, so you are technically correct that they fall under the overarching authority of the Navy.

But your second point is incorrect. The Spartans used to fall under NavSpecWar, which is a subdivision of the Navy, and really ONI. However, certain Spartans, like Noble Team, fell under the auspices of the Army. Blue Team in H5 actually still operated under NavSpecWar I believe. And in current lore, the Spartans now have their own separate branch within the UNSC, so they aren't beholden to the Marines, Navy, Army, or anyone else.
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