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[Locked] Inquietud decepcion

OP Xx Itach1

que me falta de respeto me parece algo de mal me gusta no se puede escribir en mi idioma español porque es solo para personas de habla ingles ya se dice una razón mas porque halo a bajado el índice de jugadores ni siquiera cuentan con los de habla hispana.

that lack of respect I find something in bad taste that I can not write in my Spanish language because it is only for English speakers and I see one more reason because it has lowered the players' index if they do not even count the Spanish speakers
The reason that we require posts to be in English isn't because we have a problem with Spanish speaking Halo fans. The mod team simply does not have the resources to effectively moderate in other languages. And while Spanish may be a common language, if we allowed Spanish, we'd have to allow pretty much all other languages out of fairness, and I don't know anyone on the mod team who speaks Farsi.

It's not you; it's us. We say English-only to make it easier for us to moderate. Sorry for the inconvenience!