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Is the Halo franchise alone worth buying an xbox

OP destroyer2367

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Hey guys would you say buying an xbox is worth it just for halo as I brought the halo 5 xbox when halo 5 came out a long time ago and I don't regret it what are your guys opinions?
Halo is the only reason why I own multiple Xboxes.
I would say it is worth the initial purchase but to buy just those games and nothing else ever no it is not worth the price tag to me at least.
It's worth it for me. There's no other arena shooter that even comes close to being as good as Halo and that's enough for me to buy an entire system.
Back 20 years ago, I was a Playstation person, CE changed that. The Halo Franchise is the sole reason I have bought 3 different generations of Xbox's. I have bought 7 different ones of over the years, I do not really have the urge to play anything else. I definitely say it's worth it, but then again, imI biased lol...
Halo both got me into FPS/shooters and liking a few of them (kid me preferred platformers and 3rd-person adventure stuff for a while), probably because the story and world was also interesting. The setting has a lot to do with my love for the series, so your mileage may vary in that respect.
I'd say yes. I went into Best Buy several years ago looking for an Xbox One, but wasn't sure if I really wanted to drop the cash at the time. Then I saw one with the MCC pre-loaded, and spent all of three nanoseconds deciding that I was gonna go through with it.
Personally no, since I can own the series on PC and most Xbox franchises. On a console standpoint, I can't really suggest it either as most of the exclusives available just don't have the same appeal they used to. Though I expect the next generation for Xbox to be surprisingly pleasant.
Personally nope, one franchise can't justify a 500$ console to me (let alone 3 generations), I buy a console for the plethora fo games that'll be available to it.

It also doesn't help that I just don't like anything since reach either so it's even harder for me to see it as worth it. not to mention it doesn't offer anything unique or different anymore 🤷 tons of shooters out there and halos lost its arena Esq appeal going more into what other games do.
Buying an Xbox 360 just because of Halo 3 back in the day was, in retrospect, completely worth it. The enjoyment and memories I got out of Halo up to and including Reach more than made for what I spent on the console, peripherals, and Xbox Live subscriptions, even putting all other games aside.

When it comes to the Xbox One, it's a bit more complicated. I can't say it was "worth it" in the traditional sense. I bought it solely for Halo. To this day MCC and Halo 5 are the only games I have for it. Likely I wouldn't even have bought it had I not gotten the opportunity to get the console and those two games with minimal investment. The console has been useful for testing and keeping up with Halo, so I don't regret the decision, and would make the same decision if put back in the situation. But not because I've had that much fun with MCC and Halo 5, but because the games—in particular the ability to screen capture old Halo games—have been a useful resource.

How about now, in 2019? Absolutely not. Once MCC comes to PC, and with a PC release of Halo Infinite confirmed, I will have no use for my Xbox One whatsoever unless I want to remind myself how boring the Halo 5 campaign is.
It's worth buying an original Xbox and a 360 to play.
Literally this is the only reason I own a Xbox.
Defitnitly, because halo is fun :D
Halo Combat Evolved got me into playing games and lead to me purchasing every Xbox to play it. Also why I joined the Game Industry. Don't think I could ever stop playing Halo.
I think it would depend on how much you played, which unfortunately means its worth is only apparent in hindsight. I mean if you're on it playing Halo everyday then definately if you pick up the pad once a month or less then probably not.
The only qualm is that the gaming industry seems very unappealing to me. When I gamed, Nintendo, Sega and PlayStation were gutting it out, so we had a beautiful spectrum of inspiration when Halo hit the market, and the world hadn't slowed down yet.

Since Halo, the world ground to a halt. So, it's sad to think it's not good for much more than Halo. But effectively,

Yes it is.
I'd say so. It depends. So many games are for multiple consoles, as a die hard Halo fan I will buy an Xbox to be able to continue to play my favorite series, and since I have a One X I have a powerful console for all multiplatform games as well.
I got my 360 because of Halo 4. Then I got my Xbox one for Halo 5 so I guess the answer is yes.
FARTMAN Z wrote:
I got my 360 because of Halo 4. Then I got my Xbox one for Halo 5 so I guess the answer is yes.
Same here even got the halo 5 xbox one!
it depends on what consoles they have if you don't own an Xbox or pc then I would say go out and get an Xbox 360 to play the older titles. But if they already own a PC then I would tell them to wait and just play the MCC on steam as they come out and with the likely possibility that Infinite will be on steam, what's the point of getting an Xbox?
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