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Legendary Collectors Edition console and game?

OP Mr Majestic12

I'm hoping we get to see another awesome Halo Infinite Legendary Collectors Edition project Scarlett console and game. Any Intel from the community?
Am also waiting for the 4-1-1 on that...
No confirmation yet but I’m sure it will happen.
JB Linken wrote:
No confirmation yet but I’m sure it will happen.
Agreed, if Infinite is going to be a launch title, there will be some sort of collectors addition for launch.
If they will make one, I'm going to buy it. I really hope there to be an infinite themed console.
Hopefully they stay away from DLC's and give us something physical to collect.
I would definitely pick one up. I still have my Halo 4 360, so another Halo Xbox would be a welcome addition to the collection
Yh I really hope with the pre-order of even different editions of the game they will bring out something like a physical statue or some kind of collectable item! A Halo console would be so good since ive got the H3 ODST 360 aswell as, H4 and H5 xbox One like you said it would be a great edition to a collection!
Oh yeah, take my money now! A legendary Edition of Infinite is guaranteed but I would LOVE to see a special edition console too! :D
Guaranteed there will be a collectors edition. I also think there will be a console back in 01 there was a ce console when the original Xbox launched