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Lori Tritel (Librarian voice actress) passed away


I hate to bring this news to you guys. It breaks my heart to inform you guys what has happened. Lori Tritel, the voice actress for the Librarian in Halo 4 passed away on July 9th. This is very tragic news, she was an excellent voice actress. While we only got her in one Halo game, her performance was amazing. Aside from being an amazing voice actress, Lori was an amazing woman, and she will be missed. We can find happiness that she is now in a better place. RIP Lori.
So sad to hear this, rest well Lori :'(
Damn, heart goes out to all those affected. It's an interesting thought that her character is immortalized in the Halo 4 campaign.
May she Rest in Peace. She put in a great performance as the Librarian and really made that character come alive for me.
May your next journey be as rewarding. Take care
First time here in awhile. What a loss. Lori's take on the Librarian was so compelling that I cannot read excerpts from the Sagas without hearing it in her voice. She will be dearly missed.

Kind of shocked by the slow reaction from the community though. I realize she was only in one game but she gave life to a Titan within the franchise.
Well let's hope that she has found a new place that she found happy since her death. I can maybe imagine what she is going through.
Rest in peace.
Start the Journey. Be at peace. She was a fantastic voice actress for the Librarian and really did flesh out a character that exceeded my expectations. I've always been intrigued by the Librarian ever since she was first mentioned and it was awesome finally seeing her for the first time in Halo 4.

RIP Lori

Nooooo :( rip