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Most famous guy u've played with?


I haven't personally played anyone. But i've talked to teh spearhead and ubernick on discord before. I was wanting to know what everyone else has experienced.
One day I was watching Stallion 83's YouTube channel and I noticed my gamer tag matched up with him in Need for Speed Carbon. Other then that no one else I know of.
Nope. But I saw the best gamertag ever on xbox live. A name which I will not say on here.
I matched with Ninja in a FFA game in the original Reach when he was streaming from his parent's basement. I've played with several youtubers, streamers and matched with some pro players before but that's about it.
I have matched with Youtubers who play Halo in other games but not in Halo itself.
I've matched up with 343 employees before, but other than that, it's hard telling. I haven't really kept up with pro players, since h3.
I’ve played with several pro gamers before. The most memorable was against the ogre twins back in halo 2. That was a painful match to endure
I got matched with UberNick twice in the past, you'll actually see me in one of his previous Elimination uploads.
Think I played against Ispiteful? I recognized the tag but have never watched his stuff. Tried to target him specifically but thats about it.
I got destroyed by the God Squad back in the days of original Reach.
I can only list a few names I remember.
Uber Nick
bubu dubu

EDIT: How could I forget Mint Blitz, oh yeah because I could never spawn :(
Was in a match with UberNick on MCC PC a few weeks ago. Didn't talk much but I checked his profile and it was definitely him.
Got paired with Mint Blitz in BTB Super Fiesta awhile back. That was pretty cool, and I actually came second on the leaderboard under him so even though we lost I like to think I did him proud at least