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Most memorable gamertag story.

OP FenrirWo

Tell me your best player profile or the sense of a master completion gamertag you have commemorated throughout Halo and tell me your best moment of all time.
At the base structure of station two level:blue team Halo 5: Guardians, a jacket attacked me with a needler and I proposed a thought “take that to the face” as I missed a plasma grenade that landed and blew up right behind it. As the alien flew forward I said to myself “call me papa” and found its weapon useful with exactly one needle left. It never happens that way in the game. Try not to reply to this if you don’t have a liable GT.
I went into an invasion match back in 2010 as a party of 3. Naturally, the other two people I searched with got paired up together, leaving me with the random match-made partner. All was fine upon realizing this, until I read his gamertag out loud to myself, ToxicButtPoop. Long story short, his namesake is the equivalent of how the match wound up going.
AckaChewbaccafarts was the greatest gamer tag I have ever encountered
Most recently I seen a play on words of my favorite band which was Nine inch Fails but the ones from back in the day that are funnier might get me a suspension if mentioned.
I know many people don't remember this but I wasn't the only Assassin. There used to be many Assassins on Xbox Live. Like Assassin G18 or Assassin A43, either everyone grew up from their edgelord days or they just got 2nd accounts. But man I do miss the days and going into a lobby and seeing another Assassin with their gamertag specifically like mine all because of Halo 3.
SpectralXIV. What makes my tag memorable to me the XIV means 14, which has been my lucky number ever since I won on a Number 14 raffle ticket on the 14th day of 2014
I always thought the GT: Church was pretty cool.
I've always enjoyed getting paired with, or against 2-3 letter tags, ones that aren't gibberish. This was way back 15 years ago though. Example- Dog, Cat, ABC, Dad, etc
My absolute favorite gamertag got to play with back on Halo 3 was: Master Chief. The map was also my favorite of all time for BTB at least: Valhalla.
I must say, I had an old account called I farted and. So every time I got a lil it would say: "I farted and killed [insert gamertag here]". I got a kick out of that.
A Wet Wiener in Me and Pineapple Sodomy are two tags I've played Halo with that stick out to me. Stick out so much that I remember the maps, Valhalla and High Ground respectively.

I've also played with Adrenaline, Swan and Armor before. Halo OG's always had the best tags.

Mods pls dont ban me for their crude tags :D
Since I have a Skyrim-related GT, I enjoyed a game of Husky Raid where I was up against a WhiterunGuard.