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[Locked] my religious and my opinions don't matter

OP Hot Chili Fries

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You were banned not because your opinions are "superseded" or due to any religious beliefs, but because you have a consistent pattern of trolling. Your posts often seem to have been crafted in an attempt to cause maximum disruption, and your stances are internally inconsistent to a degree that, in the opinion of the moderation team, reveals them to be insincere. Even when members of the moderation team have fully agreed with the ideas you've presented, we have still found your presentation of those ideas suspicious -- or more specifically intentionally poor, absurd, or otherwise off-putting and non-credible.

Despite all this, we've given you a considerable degree of leeway on the very, very remote chance that you're a legitimate user who happens to present many of their ideas in the wrongest manner possible to the point of self-parody... but we are neither required nor willing to tolerate keeping somebody around when they are either a troll, or so ridiculous as to be indistinguishable from a troll. In your case, you've violated the rules enough times -- including in this very post -- to earn a now-permanent ban.

Good day.