So would everyone be down with making a new REQ category that's a separate, exclusive category for emblems, armors, or anything else that has to be unlocked outside of playing the game? For example, if you can only earn an emblem by attending an event or paying for it then put it in an exclusive category. I'm sure it's super irritating for all the grinders out there with over 20 days of gameplay with an incomplete category of REQs that they'll literally never be able to complete.
Sounds good.
It's the old paid DLC switcheroo. Make it seem like you can get 100% but not really.
I'd be ok with this idea, though I doubt it would ever get implemented.
Also, NotMegatron, your GT is amazing to me for some reason.
As a completionist I would love for this to happen.
As a completionist I would love for this to happen.
Agreed. Kinda like Pokémon where if you can't catch them all, there's almost no point.
I've been kind of hoping for arguments as to why it wouldn't almost seems like a no brainer but apparently not?
I'd really like this to be added
I like the idea, but I also think it's a bit late in the game to be adding this.

As for implementation into Halo 6, I think it's a great idea. Tag team it with some sort of armory, and we're well on our way to making a great game.