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a lot of people say they want a reach 2 or some odst game on harvest. some want a halo 5 odst.
heres a better idea, playing as an odst during the fall of reach. problem solved
That doesn't really do anything meaningful for the franchise. Story wise, it'd be a crap rehash of Reach but with ODSTs, and we've already explored Reach. The first ODST got away with the location of New Mombasa because players only spent a couple levels in Halo 2 there, whereas ODST stayed there the whole game.

Reach 2 would be pointless as the story and characters all have an end, with no hint or real reason for a sequel.

ODST 2 could work, but it can't exactly be the same squad from the original, and would be better off in a new locale players haven't seen in game, such as Venezia, urban Harvest, Sydney, Cleveland, New Pheonix, Balaho, and such.
That game sounds like it sucks!!!
I've always wanted an ODST game on Harvest. Hell even Arcadia would be a good choice too. I think would bring a lot of nostalgia of the original games too, knowing that we're fighting the original covenant again. But if there were to be another ODST game, it should have a lot more content than just firefight & the campaign.
I want a Halo that breaks away from the formula and fresh outlook of the Halo universe. Could be a new narrative, new characters, new story or new gameplay.
If we get to play as an ODST I want the option to customize my character.
I would love to see another ODST game especially with maybe even customization. I loved the original ODST and I’m a BIG ODST nerd even to the extent where my friends sometimes refer to me as “ODST”. However looking at this idea subjectively I think theres a very small chance we’ll get another one unfortunately, the best we can hope for is for it to come out after halo 6 or for a fan to pick up the mantle. I’ve thought of many ODST game ideas and stories if anyone needs any ideas or anything.
I would love a game where we go back to reach, the planet is glassed, but still exists. Just like meridian, there is bound to be activity on it after 5 years since in fell.