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[Locked] Phill Spencer Tweet

OP TimZaRob

I haven't logged into waypoint for nearly 5 years.

I just needed to express that if Phill's tweet about hoping to partner with a certain team and broader mod community is any degree of accurate.. Such happiness.

Any kind of working, functional classic game play that is officially available for purchase... Take my money.

Just the whisper of "classic Halo" jogged my memory so vigorously, I remembered the log in information of this old account. Thank you Phill for this brief moment of hope.
Hopefully they can actually carry out such a game without steep pay-walls and pay to win formula that Halo 5 has.
Even if its a $60 multiplayer only game. Im in.
Nothing complicated just some basic Halo.
Discussing modded content is still not allowed, that hasn't changed in 5 years.