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[Locked] playable brutes

OP CaptGoldDust

We have had playable elites for a long time I myself play as one in the halo games but I've always wondered why brutes are not playable they seem similar to Spartans and elites and could have armor designed for them like in halo reach we could play as elite zealots so we could play as a brute chieftain and with brutes taking a more bigger role in halo storytelling it could be interesting to see a faction of playable brutes like how we got playable elites in halo 2 what are your guys is thoughts able it
My thoughts are that there is no reason why we shouldn't have playable Brutes.
it would be nice,make it like in halo 2 split it between characters
Maybe there can be playable brutes in Halo infinite with a playlist kind of an Invasion type.
Personally it doesn't majorly appeal and I feel to give Brutes a dynamic and unique gameplay experience a lot more work would be needed.

Nice to have but only if done right for me
Feel free to use the playable elites thread linked below.