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Potential Composer for Halo 6?

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I have been a fan of the Halo series for a long while, but the music has me coming back. Especially to ones which Marty has composed! I don't think he'll be returning to Halo every again (I could be wrong), but here is a potential composer that I have been a big fan of as of late. He has potential and think that he would be a great composer for Halo 6. This composer knows how to capture the beauty of any game her works on. Making it sound harmonious, dramatic, and ancient at the same time. His name is Johannes Bornlöf! I think he is underrated as a composer and has potential for future Halo titles! Everytime I hear his music, makes me think of Halo. I'll put a couple of samples down below, tell me what you think about him!

Elysium 1 by Johannes Bornlöf:

Elysium 3 by Johannes Bornlöf:

Rise of the Phenix 2 by Johannes Bornlöf

Weapons of Impact by Johannes Bornlöf:

Thank you! He is not as good as Marty, but close! I think he would be good because I hear some Halo themed music in his music.
He's very good. I like him. But 343 has their in house composer. Kazuma Jinnouchi.

And most side works go to the Anniversary team. People like Tom Salta or Finishing Moves, (They helped with HW2)

So I'd love a fresh new face like him, I just don't see it happening. Which is a shame cos the mix of Kazuma Jinnouchi and Neil Davidge for Halo 4 was brilliant
I'm starting to think that they should get Northlane on the soundtrack... This is FANTASTIC!!

This just dropped today mind you... some type of teaser for their upcoming album, but ughh, I love it so much! Sounds very Halo in parts, almost reminds me of some of the ambient music that played in High Charity/Gravemind in H2.
I think some of his music has a Halo feel to it
I found some other soundtracks. Anyone want to listen?
Even if a new composer is invited to work for Halo 6, I don't think the community will "accept". In my opinion Kazuma Jinnouchi is doing a wonderful job.