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Reach character pack coming to Gears 5

OP tuhin94

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One hell of a way to promote Reach on MCC. I love it. Does this get you more excited?

Honestly, I don't even like the Gears of War series but I would seriously consider buying the game just for Kat and Emile.
Get me excited??? Not really... I never got into gears of war and I really don't get all this love for Reach. It wasn't that great of a Halo game. It's the main reason Halo lost a huge chunk of population. I guess those who liked it stuck around. I have played a bit of reach recently and armor lock is still the worse thing ever in Halo and bloom....oh the bloom feels even worse than before especially after playing a lot of H5 and H2A where the gun sites are small allowing for more accurate shots. In reach it seems like your site gets to the size of a dime on your screen now... ugh. Not really looking forward to Reach in MCC....
Never played gears at all but cool cross-promo. I am looking forward to reach, but the lack of clarity on the Xbox timeline is frustrating. I know there are legit reasons for it, but still frustrating.

I loved reach personally, I got like a rank away from inheritor way back in 2012.

I've tried playing it a few times on xb-1, but the lag for me is absolutely horrendous. Weird to me as I can play H5 virtually lag free maxing out at like 25-30 MBPS on my rural internet

I'm probably not a good enough player to have a real issue with the reticle bloom, but I agree armor lock is annoying.
Are they zombies? :P
Are they zombies? :P
Nah, it's the isekai trope.
I played a few GOW, having these character skins is pretty awesome.
Having played gears and Halo I would use these characters as scrap if the feature returns in gears 5.
The old Gears of war where good but I personally don't like the newer ones. I will most likely wait and see if gears 5 is any good
Gears 5 gets Kat and Emile, Halo Infinite will get a Gears CoG logo emblem lmao
I might consider getting gears 5 just to play as smile. I'm not a big fan of gears but I love the idea and crossover. I'm glad this is happening to promote reach and bring some cool options to a new gears game.
Love the Gears games and I love these character models! This is fantastic and I won’t be playing as anyone else in the game.

Sorry Marcus.
I play Halo and Gears back-to-back so getting the Reach crossover is a longtime coming, since Gears 2 was supposed to have a Halo crossover back in 2008. This has to be well worth the wait! I can't describe how hype just skyrocketed in me!
I only play Gears for the campaign so I won't get any use out of this but it is really cool nonetheless.
Yeh, kind of surprised they didn't do this sooner since Microsoft own both...though not sure which I'll pick...more surprised they didn't add Noble 6 or John 117...though I wouldn't be against them being added as 'dlc'.

All I know is the online will probably mostly be Skynet vs Spartans....kind of makes me wonder if Marcus/Dom will end up in Halo Infinite.
Interesting...But no.
I'm beyond excited about this! I feel like these are the first of many more to come.
This is interesting news, i'll definitely be getting the Charecter pack.
I'm not really excited. I think it's cool that games feature characters from other popular games, but this doesn't really motivate me to buy Gears 5.
I'm beyond excited about this! I feel like these are the first of many more to come.
Do you collect digital content too?
This is going to really fun and really weird at the same time. Imaging playing Gears 5 KOTH with Marcus Fenix, a Terminator and Kat all on the battlefield!
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