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[Locked] The survivors season 1

OP The Rookie 545

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The survivors is a roleplay about a group of odst's and Spartans have to survive a invasion of the acadamy the odst's are at you create the story by your choices

you have to create a character here is my example

name:sonan savion




class in training:odst

Primary weapon:silenced SMG

secondary weapon:duel wield silenced pistols

assignment:squad leader in training

team name (in the future):silent ghosts

bio:sonan parents were both odst's during the invasion of earth in 2552 sonan lost his parants at age 14 when he was told of this he decided when he was eligable he would join a UNSC academy he is a good soldier who listens and will not leave anyone behind.
Name: Richard Chevolet
Nickname: knight
Age: 17
Gender Male
Class in Training: Pilot
Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle
Secondry: Silenced Magnum
Assignment: Squad Support, shoots enemies and is learning medical training
Bio: The son of rich English parents was sent to the Cadets Academy when he was 12. Being an Earthling and lacking shooting skills he was often bullied and attacked by other students. He is now learning how to pilot aircraft navy vehicles like frigates as his skills in smaller aircraft (pelicans, longswords etc) was exceedingly impressive.
Sonan is currently doing a capture the flag simulation for training just waiting for a team to play against
Name: James Wolfhound

Age: 15, 3627

Gender: Male

Race: Hau'ma-Zein

Class: Spartan II (unofficially)

Rank: Spr. Cmdr.

Armor: Upgraded MK V

Primary Weapon: M392DMR (SOCOM variant)

Secondary weapon: M6S

Unit: SIGIL Militant Faction - Legion of Wolves, Special Forces, Alpha group
Bio: James was born on the world of Tau'torrah in the Dautus quadrant of the Lorkhan galaxy. a small galaxy that orbits the Milky way. he belongs to the Hau'ma-Zein a race of demonic looking Mammals who's societal structure is similar to that of a Hierarchy. Born under the Name of Balastare after his great grand father Balastare-Khonai Troh'Varii, who won the battle of Centauri IV. at a young age, like all male children, he was subjected to what is called the 'life' trials, a 3 tiered training program that forces them to become hardened soldiers. at his 5th century he graduated from the program as the 2nd highest in his class, attaining the rank of Dol (1st Lieutenant). over the coming years he quickly rose through the ranks, gaining several commendations for leadership as well as lethality in combat. in his 3rd millennia he traveled to earth to fight against the Dhemo-Uhtzi, a race of space faring Marauders. in the battle he inadvertently released a creature his people believed to be pure myth: a Leviotache, colossal creatures that fed on the energies of stars. cooperating out of desperation for survival, he, his Hau'ma-Zein forces, and the Dhemo-Uhtzi managed to kill the monster after which the Uhtzi were imprisoned and later sentenced to death. returning home he was awarded the chouzhuns or hero's metal, similar to the medal of honor awarded on our world) for his actions.
2000 yrs l8r at a time of peace, he was sent to the Uhtzi's home world on a diplomatic mission to secure a peace treaty with their leader Jammisur, who in times past was raised and even subjected to the trials of the Hau'ma-Zein's culture. Falling into what turned out to be a trap, James was imprisoned and tortured for over 3 yrs. before he was thought to have been executed by the zhatsune, a device that is believed to negate the bodies electrical impulses. later discovery revealed that it displaced it, often taking it to other worlds entirely, for James the world that he was displaced to was Earth, at the end of the Ice age. over the course of human history, he was displaced again and again before settling upon his currant life as Wolfhound, were he aided in founding the SIGIL, a Faction based, Para-Military Organization whos long term objective was the unification of earth governments, along with his wife, Illiana, now deceased, and daughter Angelique who commands the Artanis, the Legions Flagship. in 2163 the SIGIL high command, the Conclave, ordered the activation of the 'resurgence' protocol, a long term contingency that when certain parameters were met, would re-awaken over 80% of the organizations, Military, Scientific, and Economic capabilities. these were met at the fall of harvest. the Legions full reactivation was not completed until 4 years after the battle of instillation 00 with the excavation and awakening of Wolfhound himself on their installation on the planet Reach, which was buried due to the extensive glassing from the Covenant fleet. though he is not a true Spartan, he is able to ware (with the mechanical upgrades surgically implanted) MJOLINIR class powered armor because of his peoples naturally reinforced skeletal structure and enhanced strength. today he is tasked with the re capture of covenant controlled worlds.

if u guys ever want to know more about what I have posted here, by all means message me
Sonan then notices a spartan (James wolfhound) watching through the glass of the training room
Wolfhound enters the Training room when he realizes he is noticed and leans against the closest wall, holding his Helmet in the crook of his arm.
Name: max rebel

Nickname: Brute

age: 21

Gender: Male

Class in training: ODST( he later becomes a Spartan 4)

Primary weapon: Assault Rifle

secondary weapon: SMG

Assignment: Engineer training (Later on he becomes a Engineer Spartan 4)

BIo: He join the UNSC military when his parents were murder by a Elite General (AKA Jul Fres). He want to get revenge against Jul Fres for killing his parents, but in order to do this he join the UNSC, and become a ODST. Later on he becomes a Spartan 4 and team up with Spartan V44 (V44 was one of the few Spartan that survive during the invasion on reach).
"computer cancel training session"
says sonan
and decides to go look for recruits for his fireteam and figure out why a spartan is on base
Max was waiting for his new squad leader to come pick him up. He keep having flash-back of the elite general who murder his family.
"Let's see here my recruit is a max rebel tapping into his comm unit max can you hear me"
says sonan
Max wake up from his flash-back and then see his new squad leader "huh, oh hey. You must be my new squad leader?"
"Yeah Names sonan lets head to our fireteam quarters now that I have a recruit I can go in"
says sonan
"Sure thing" Max and Sonan head to the fireteam quarters until they hear a announcement.
"Attention all personal a spartan 2 (James wolfhound) has come to the academy be sure to show respect these Spartans can show you a thing or two about combat"
says the part system
"that's the spartan i saw outside the training room that explains that"
says sonan
"Really. Never seen a Spartan before. Man, I wish I was a Spartan"
"Don't we all"
they walk into there quarters
Then Max and Sonan hear a big explosion, look out the window and see a covenant warship outside
"Never thought they would come here again how much combat training do you have"
says sonan
"To the armory quickly"
sonan inputs a code into a room full of weapons and grabs his silenced SMG and duel wield silenced pistols
max grabs a assault rifle and smg
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