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for one, happy good friday everyone, two what if microsoft made the Xbox 720
No, now that they've made the Xbox One, their next console should either be called Xbox Original, Original Xbox, or First Xbox.
Xbox of the House Microsoft, the First of Its Name, The Unmodded, Leader of the Consoles and the First Gamers, Curator of the Great Game Pass, Protector of the Servers, Regnant of the Seven Continents, Breaker of Trolls, and Home of the Master Chief.
Following in the footsteps of modern franchise reboots it should simply be called 'Xbox'.
720 is nothing. Need to do a 1080 at least or you're not worth being on a board.
"Xbox One XL" doesn't sound too crazy in my mind.
It's called the Xbox one.
It's called the Xbox one.
No, that's the console Microsoft released in 2013.
Either they need to move away from numbers/a sequential system alltogether: e.g. just take codenames forward or adopt one and stick to it e.g. Xbox Alpha.

In that vein was interesting to hear that Sont haven't yet confirmed the next PS will be PS5 (although I expect them to)
They need to release it named XB5 just before Sony releases the PS5 😅
Bring on the Xbox 720.

It doesn't take a genius to know we've all been sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for this bad Larry to hit the shelves.
I, for one, think they should name it David for it is a simple and easy-to-remember name nobody will expect.
The NoSexbox
I think the "Xbox WeRanOutOfNames" has a better ring to it
Apparently, the first Xbox wasn't good enough to be the "first", but maybe the Xbox One isn't the best first either. So maybe we will see an "Xbox 1" instead.