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Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

OP ll Gewehr ll

A bit off topic from Halo.

343, get into the Warhammer 40k universe and create a Dawn of War FPS! I'm dying for a game like that on XB1, especially with massive multiplayer battles. If there are any old Dawn of War players on here I know for a fact you guys would love for a DoW game to be released on the console!

Just imagine being a Space Marine fighting hordes of alien scum such as Orcs, Necrons, or Chaos. Moreover, being in a Dreadnaught pummeling down everyone who gets in your way. It would be epic. THQ went bankrupt a few years ago, most likely since the PC games are becoming the past. I think it's time for Dawn of War to be the next big game on console.

Does anyone agree?
Yup.. played a bit of DoW and enjoyed it. Also enjoy reading the Gaunt's Ghost series.
I'm waiting for Eternal Crusade to be released.
It would be cool if they got the rights.
I'm waiting for Eternal Crusade to be released.
Yeah that's the MMO coming out for DoW, I can't wait. It's only in the first stages of development though.