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which do you prefer, war zone or arena? want to get feedback on preferred ones. what reasons are behind for them or do you like both? i am undecided which one i enjoy but i would like to know which more enjoyed in the community and to share view points :)
I really like both of them. I like arena because it is all the classic play styles with a ranking system. I also like war zone for its size and scope. Getting to play with 24 people is a lot of fun. You also get to use pretty much any weapon / vehicle you want to without worrying about the other team/teammates getting to them first!

So in the end it depends on my mood for which one I would rather play. Also I would say if you want to get a decent idea on these from a number of people make a poll in the poll forums. :)
I've been moving steadily away from team slayer since... Halo 3. This finally appears to be the game here I give it up altogether. Mostly I just don't like small maps with fast game play, but I also despise ranking systems. Thankfully warzone is big and slow and unranked - which pretty much makes the perfect game type for me.
I prefer not to choose. Both are fun in their own way
Im really enjoying both. I love to grind for commendation completion. So, they are both nice to play.
I usually prefer war zone because usually it gives u at least 2000 req per win or at least 1800 req, maybe a little more but hey I just get req for that gold pack life tho
Like them both depends on my mood and what I wanna play at the time. I would like more war zone maps tho.
Warzone for me. I would be more apt to pick arena if I could play just CTF or strongholds when I wanted but I don't like having to get a game randomly like it currently is.
At first I imagined I would just play Warzone, but after playing through Arena and feeling how tight and solid it is, I will probably spend my time half-and-half. War zone will definitely be something I do with a party/SC.

I will second the lack of CTF as a stand alone playlist. Hopefully that comes soon.
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I basically use Warzone as a social playlist. Not a fan of the mode at all, really. Waiting for traditional BTBs and Forge.
Love them both.
Both are great
I love warzone, pvpe is a concept while not entirely original, is a fresher twist on fps these days
In total honesty they both get stale incredibly fast with Warzone becoming more stale quicker. They really need to add more options, bring challenges back to both SP/MP and add firefight because Warzone is just a gongshow.
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