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What Could Have Been...


A friend of mine and I were discussing of what 343i could have done instead of MCC, and I wanted to hear some more thoughts and opinions on it from the community.
Another route 343i could have gone would be to have instead of released all 4 games in one collection, would be to make Halo 2: Anniversary a standalone title. Sort of like they did with Halo CE: Anniversary, but instead of using the Reach multiplayer system, stay true to the way it is now in the MCC.
343i could have made all the previous Halo games BC; and released H2A as its main game. With all maps fully remade, while still including H2 Classic multiplayer. With being able to focus on one game, not 4, our confidence in 343i would probably be stronger than it is today.
What do you think, without knowing the issues at launch MCC had, would you have been more excited to hear about all 4 games, or just the one? Do you think that an H2A only game would have succeeded? Love to hear your thoughts.
I think the Halo franchise would be in a much better position if 343i focused all of their efforts/resources on making Halo 5 great and not releasing the MCC (and having to constantly update it do to its condition at launch).

I wonder how much of an impact the MCC had on Halo 5's development?
Stand alone Halo 2 Anniversary was originally going to be what was released, until 343 thought they could stretch and give the community something even better. Shame it never worked out how they intended, I think 1 more year dev time would have made the world of difference (either start earlier, or finish later). I think H2A would have turned out just find, Certain Affinity might have had time to push out a few more maps. Don't think they would have gotten all of them done, maybe the same count as what CEA had.
i dont believe MCC was purposely driven to be a multiplayer experience and mainly for the stories of the other games. if so then they really needed to work on the severs for it.
I like the games now.