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What do you like to do while playing Halo?


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Halo reach or 3?

Playing with friends.

Halo 4?

I have a difficult time enjoying that game.
Play Campaign Solo/with friends
Play Spartan Ops Solo/with friends
Play Firefight Solo/with friends
Play Custom Games
Play Matchmaking Solo/usually with friends
Watch my best games with Theater
Forge with my friends
Find Easter Eggs and Glitches

That goes for every Halo game that I play.
Try to ignore the cat.
I know how you feel, sometimes my dogs find it appropriate to come say hi when I can't put the controller down at the moment.
I like to pay attention to the match when I play Halo.
Drinking my bottle of water and chit chatting with my friends
I like playing Land Grab Spartan Ops and betray the randoms with the Wraith while playing the Jaws theme in the mic.
Kill noobs and rage when the other team outnumbers me.

That or rage at how useless my teammates are in comparison when I'm not in a party.
Drinking a tall can of Rockstar and going into a caffeine induced spree, killing spartans, promethians, and covenant alike!
I like to make sure that I'm sitting in a comfy spot on my couch where I'm directly facing the middle of the game screen. Also, having a snack and/or soda never hurts while I'm playing.
I like listening to Halo music while playing Spartan Ops. So relaxing and enjoyable.
Listen to Zelda music if I am playing campaign or I would just talk to friends in party chat. :)
I like to jump into a party with my friends and either do some custom, matchmaking CTF or big team and maybe jump on forge and attempt some really crazy stuff! I don't really like having music playing while I play the game, it puts me off my focus
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