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What Helmet do you prefer?

OP tonic bom

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ODST all the way
Mark. VI
My personnel Top 10:

  1. Warrior
  2. Centurion
  3. War-Master
  4. Scout
  5. Indomitable
  6. Helioskrill
  7. Helljumper
  8. Mark IV
  9. Wrath
  10. Hunter
EVA Carved. It is the second(and arguably the first) best looking helmet on this list. That's both my opinion and facts. And did I mention the lore behind it
Nightfall, Helljumper, ODST
Ancient human helmet and air assault.
vengeant wrote:
Liked Stalker before moving to Venator Thraex.

The one i really like i can't find in the REQs - keep seeing it on the changing spartan images that appear on the website.
I found it, it was Hunter but they didn't have my size and went for Helljumper Feet First instead.

Since getting the helmet pack now prefer CQB
I love halo reach scout, Jun just seemed so cool when I played reach.
1: Mark V
2: Mark VI
3: CQB
4: Hayabusa
5: Pilot
6: Haunted
7: EVA (Carved version)
9: GEN 3 Master Chief
10: Scout
11: Recon
12: Commando
13: Hoplite
14: Centurion
15: Fotus
I personally enjoy the Air Assault Helmet but I also like the Mark V and VI helmets as well, I like the way they make a Spartan look like a badass in them in my own opinion.
My favorites are mark V and VI
Out of those helmets listed I would pick the Mark IV. But Recon has always been my favorite. Also think the pilot helmet deserves more popularity!
cqb halo 3 and reach
Mark V. So sexy, so beautiful. Reach version my favourite.
Commando was my favorite out of the options. They are all good helmets though, but if I were to add one since this seems to be helmets from named Spartan Protagonists in game, I would like to also add the older Mjolnirs such as Mark 5 (A,B,D) and mark 4.
Hellcat looks cool. but then again I don't have an xbone, so I won't be playing 5 to get it anytime soon.
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