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What if the Halo Games had "CRYPTOMATTE"?

OP Corruptinator

Ok, the topic might sound confusing except to visual artists. However, in case you don't know what Cryptomatte is, its basically a software tool that replaces the textures/details of all objects with random, shadeless, monotone, color blobs that can be easily used to replace one object or another in video compositing. Or to isolate one important object from the rest of the background.

Here is an example if you need a better Idea: (Not halo but to point out an example of what Cryptomatte can do.)

Imagine if Halo 3, Reach, Guardians, or Infinite had Cryptomatte implemented inside Theater Mode or any Game Mode. I would say that it makes the greenscreen object/prefab in Forge Mode obsolete but the main important benefits would be:
  • Easier object selecting in compositing instead of painting or selecting parts of the image out arbitrarily...
  • alpha masking Spartans/Enemies/Players for awesome machinimas or super cool photo shots...
  • But the main point: IT HELPS SAVES TIME. Compared to waiting for the level to load up for forge mode and or multiplayer mode.
What would you use Cryptomatte for? Take for example:
  • Placing a spartan somewhere else that shouldn't be in post-compositing production
  • easily change the shader, texture, or volumetric fogs in color
  • mask the Spartans Visor to show an another spartan approaching through reflection
Its a risky subject but thought I point out a cool idea that perhaps 343i could possibly/potentially implement in the halo series, and didn't think that nobody thought of this idea. Plus there are a number of tools available that makes use of cryptomatte. I can imagine changing the Covenant's traditional Purple/Violet to another color... Perhaps Orange, Pink, etc?
Make it a forge option. Something you can put on like a greenscreen.
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