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What is your favorite weapon on all the halo games

OP wolfman1783

The pistol
Which one? I think mine would be any weapon from Halo 2 due to its high Magnetism. But mainly the SMG and the BR are my favorites. Duelwielding was so much fun and the BR was so perfect.
Halo 2 BR
Plasma Launcher


Scarab Gun
Promethean grenade... about the only thing I can kill with. LOLOLOL jk I'm not sure. I suck so I don't really use much of their weapons to their potential and usually stick with basics because I'm afraid of failure.
The energy sword is my favorite halo weapon when playing with a elite it was even better and sometimes I would make matches where we use the energy sword me and my friends of course.
Me + any Railgun = a lot of annoyed / dead Spartans

A pretty simple equation, eh?
HCE: Magnum
H2: Battle Rifle
H3: Duel wield SMG's
H4: Saw
H5: Assault Rifle, H2BR, pistol
H3 ODST: SMG & Magnum
Reach: DMR, AR, Magnum, Rocket Launcher
I like the Portal Gun from Half Life.
Halo CE: Plasma Rifle
Halo 2: Covenant Carbine
Halo 3: Spartan Laser
Halo Reach: Focus Rifle
Halo 4: Lightrifle
Halo 5: Blood of Suban
CE Pistol!
Halo 3 BR