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What is your Forerunner name?

OP pownyu

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i'm the Rustusbloom jajajaja

Spirit Of Eternal Cycles
I prefer my current name
How do I get one??
I'm, Itputsthe Lotiononitskin.
I'm, SitsonCouch Tomuchitis
Should not be Allowed to Drive.
Perpetual Internal Combustion
Nick the fatherly.
Moonlight Stalks it's prey
Mine would probably be 343i Needs to Fix the Master Chief Collection. I feel that a great Forerunner would have used this name and would have smote his enemies by jogging at them and killing them with a powerful precision burst weapon.
I'm, Itputsthe Lotiononitskin.
I see what u did there ;)
Mine would proble be Sable Blaze of Night Shade.
Don't really know how the Forerunner name system works.
Here's a name generator I found:

I came up with Sacrament of Eternal Dawn and Faith of Primordial Ash. I'll go with the first.
6789 Comedic Cornicopia
Shadow without light upon darkness.

*Side note- This 2 post a day limit for new Accts is -Yoinking!- stupid. Granted rank boosting is a problem so let's just tell all the fans who don't do it -Yoink- you and keep them from even attempting to join this community in any meaningful way. Not that its much more then whinny -Yoink- threads about need this buff that 343 ruined this. -Yoink- you I'm out.
Mine is lost and confused in a constant void of depression
"The Flame of The Black Eye"
That name seems pretty legit.

Resonance Of Light
Tbh I've loved forerunners ever since I first watched Halo: Legends.
Here are some

I'm a Blackstar,Not a Gangster

The Starman of Installation 03

Solitary Candle of Ormen

Glory of Maethrillian(I did nit look at the name while spelling maethrillian)

The eyes of the Didact

Crown Helios

Centre of The Blackstar

My favourite (Not really)
Endurance of John/Dave/Palmer(Will is a name so why not Something else)
Affinity of Eternal Knowledge.
My friends are

Exuberant Non-Witness

Array of the Halos

The -yoinking- Ark

The Star in The Didact's eyes
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