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What level feels like a chore to you?

OP Skoop

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To be completely honest the hardest achievement I've had to do in Halo overal would have to be LASO master so H2 any level on LASO is just a pain in the A**
I can't decide between HCE The Library or H3 Cortana both are just fight threw a massive amount of flood in very identical roon
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KRSTice23 wrote:
tonic bom wrote:
KRSTice23 wrote:
tonic bom wrote:
Every spartan op mission
Doing that achievement for MCC was a nightmare and sometimes so boring :( It was good it was just when you had to do it on your own that was the mental side of it!
But just on any difficulty right? I can't recall if I completed it on legendary.

Also its kinda like firefight, either you liked it or you didn't...
Yh I didnt hate it but I ddint like it as much as H3: ODST firefight if your comparing the 2. H4 Spartan ops was good but sometimes it felt like I was doing the same thing. Get to this waypoint, kill these enemies, move on, rence and repeat type thing. There was alot of that and when its on your own grinding for the achievement, was just boring.
Are you speaking about the achievements, where par was over 200,000? Yeah the Spartan ops could have been better planned, I expected a better version of what 343 gave us. I was hoping for more diverse missions maybe even some slightly altered maps with mazes or at least a different verity of enemies and weapons.
No the achievement for doing it all on Legendary on your own. Was just boring because I've already done it for the H4 360 version. Fair point.
I can't decide between HCE The Library or H3 Cortana both are just fight threw a massive amount of flood in very identical roon
I'd definitely toss The Library up there before Cortana. The whole mission is essentially walk down some big open hallways then take a few painfully slow elevator rides.
In Halo 4, each level was hard and was a pain to get through. Especially playing the game on legendary. But midnight was a burden. The level was really long and fighting knights in Halo 4 are stronger than the Warden Eternals in Halo 5. That's just my opinion.
Halo 4's campaign oh god..... actually probably not the main campaign sort of, more like Spartan Ops.... don't.... play it by yourself, its more a of breeze with co op but oh dear god not by yourself
My first thought was The Covenant in Halo 3 where you have to deactivate the towers so the barrier falls. I just remember being so frustrated by that level
Reclaimer from Halo 4. The waves of covenant just never seemed to end.
KRSTice23 wrote:
Regice554 wrote:
For me Halo ce, two betrayals.
Was long, I agree, and playing it by yourself was painful. But id your a geek/nerd, all ya gotta do is figure out the pattern and then it becomes less painful and more methodical.
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For sure basicly evry halo 5 mission legendary solo
Truth and Reconciliation on Legendary in CE
The Library, even on normal it's a pain
Every mission as Osiris and the Library
The Flood.......'nuff said.
I hate to have to go with this one as it's such a common answer, but Halo: Combat Evolved's The Library is a mixture of tedium and frustration. It reuses assets to the point of being borderline insulting to the player while throwing endless waves of Flood at them in very narrow tunnels, so it adds nothing of value to the game.
I’m Im gonna go with one level from each game (minus Spartan Assault/Strike)!

Halo: Combat Evolved: The Library (the level can be very monotonous)
Halo 2: Regret (the gondola rides can be tough and the Regret fight has too much RNG)
Halo 3: Cortana (the Flood can be too overwhelming in this level)
Halo Wars: Arcadia City (defending the transports is annoying and difficult)
Halo 3: ODST: Uplift Reserve (nothing terribly wrong with this level, I just like this one the least in the game)
Halo: Reach: Nightfall (it’s supposed to be somewhat of a stealth level but there’s hardly any way to be stealthy)
Halo 4: Reclaimer (you have to constantly stay with the Mammoth and defend multiple areas from waves of enemies just to progress)
Halo 5: Guardians: The Breaking (nothing but Prometheans and an annoyingly difficult boss fight against three Warden Eternals)
Halo Wars 2: Under the Dark (not able to use air units and once you switch “sides” from Jerome to Alice you do not get access to any Jerome’s units or resources)
Well I don't have one from each game as I'm trying to remember each game's campaign lol but here's my list

Halo CE: The Library - I think this is probably on everyone's list. The Flood just keep coming and it's annoying when you have to wait for Guilty Spark to unlock the doors as you don't really have a lot of space to manoeuvre

The Two Betrayals - I last bit is more of a nuisance since you are on foot against vehicles especially at the end on the open bit where the Flood and Covenant are and you need to steal (or rather die trying...a lot :) ) a banshee between two wraiths and hunters whilst flooding are coming in from all sides.

Halo 2 - Everything on legendary lol. In all seriousness though:
Regret - The Gondola rides and the jackal snipers make this a pain. The actual fight with the prophet seems (to me anyway) to be very luck or RNG based.

Gravemind - You spawn with a needler... imo, at least on lower difficulties, it's not a bad weapon against brutes...until they start charging (if you don't have enough distance you may not have time to get the supercombine). On higher difficulties, in particular, you really need to be on the ball here otherwise you just get charged at and die. In general, I find everything about this level somewhat tedious from the Brute Shots to the rocket flood to the final part in the mausoleum. That and it's one of the longest levels ever.

Halo 3: Cortana (probably everyone else's) - the flood swarm you in this level, the tank forms are tedious even on lower difficulties unless you have an energy sword.

Halo 3: ODST - Never played it :(

Halo Wars: Arcadia City - a relatively large difficulty spike imo compared to the first three levels. Annoying due to the fact it seems very RNG and that the Covenant are already fully upgraded and in the last few minutes seem to come at with you everything.

Halo: Reach - Can't really remember too much of Reach's campaign tbh but going out on a whim Nightfall - it's supposed to be stealthy with the sniper and all that but often I find myself messing up somewhere and just going gun's blazing.

Halo 4 - Midnight because of all the knight's and their annoying teleportation wizadry and all their other insane abilities and the flying sequence in the first part.

Shutdown - namely because of the Gondola ride

Halo 5 - The Breaking - Promethean weapons track you in this game and there are a lot of them. The fight with three wardens is extremely annoying and tedious (especially after you have fought him multiple times before in the campaign) though I suppose it thankfully is skippable.
The Library from Halo CE
Cortana from Halo 3.
Honestly, the vast majority of the Halo 4 campaign. I enjoyed the story but the campaign experience feels like a chore. I wasn't the biggest fan and I wish I could elaborate more on that but I don't know how.
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