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What's your favorite medal in any Halo game?


I think the vehicle ones are always the best, mowing people down in a Hog w/ your best mates is always one of the highlights for any Halo game! :) Wheelman FTW!
I really like the splatter medal. I have never been skilled enough to get any of the splatter spree medals though. I used to have a shirt from the Bungie Era with the splatter medal on it and it was my favorite shirt.
Splatter Spree was my favourite in Reach
The buckle up medal in Halo 5 is my favorite. I think I like it so much because of how the grunt announcer says it “Driver!”
I like Airborne snapshot. A legendary in which I have 17.
Hell's Janitor! And in Combat Evolved hearing the announcer saying "Triple Kill" In that classic Halo voice is amazing.
Fastball, every time I got that medal I felt so proud.
I got to go with Halo Reaches yoink.
Hard to pick a favorite, but I am a big fan of the headshot medal in Halo 5. 343i did a great job with it and it never gets old.
I love showstopper
Kilimanjaro, because of the name and the carnage that precedes it.
Perfect Kill medal from H5
Unfrigginbelieveable has always been my dream medal.
I love the shotgun progression of medals in Reach, especially with the announcer.
BIGB EC wrote:
I got to go with Halo Reaches yoink.
Same here, great medal XD
The medal itself looks good, no doubt. Also, there is something about hearing the announcer say it. It puts me right in my happy place.
Killionaire, extinction, from the grave!
reach: yoink.

i hated getting yoinked, but I thoroughly enjoyed yoinking.
Two words: Combat Evolved!
(From h5)