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What's Your Favorite Random Combat Line?

OP Fraidy Cat 5

This is a thread to post your favorite random combat dialogue line (or lines) from any Halo game, be it from grunts, elites, brutes, or marines. Type the line then wright about who said it and what event caused it (if you can remember) and what game you heard it in.

Here's mine (a three way tie) to start it off:

"Welcome to the battle" (The Arbiter said this after I spent the battle hiding and let him do all the work. Halo 3)

"Do you even look where you're driving?" (A marine said this after I flipped and balenced our hog on it's nose. Halo Reach)

"Turn down the suck" (A marine said this during battle with a brute. I'm not sure who he was talking to. Halo 2)
"I need a nurse! Preferably a female nurse!
-Marine (Halo:CE)
Brute: "Stop! Hold here! I'm talking to you ugly!"
Brute 2: Yes, pack master."

Elite: "The Demon is dead, by my hand!"

Dare: "I'm glad you don't speak, trooper, because nothing you say could ever make up for this bulls*** trade."
In Reach, an Army Trooper in my side-seat shot a Grunt with a rocket launcher, looked at me (while POINTING the weapon at my face) and just said "peeeekaaabooooooooo."

I've never laughed harder.
Jun sniped me and proceeded to stand above me saying

"What, you don't like my cooking?"
Guilty Spark

"I'm being -Yoink- slapped!" -In Halo 3, when he is shot with the IWHBYD Skull turned on.

"You suck, Reclaimer!" - If you kill an ally on the Ark

Marine Halo 2

"Oh, so to be in the Covenant you got to be an idiot huh?!?!?"
Guilty Spark:

"Ow my feelings! Oh my god I have feelings? I'M A REAL BOY!"
"I need a nurse! Preferably a female nurse!
-Marine (Halo:CE)
Good luck with that in Halo:CE.
Get up so I can kill you again! - HCE Marine
Suck it human.
"Hey, I got your Wort Wort Wort right here!" Said by an Army Trooper on ONI Sword Base in the Warthog after running over an Elite.

"Don't make me teabag you!" Said by an Army Trooper randomly in the game when I attack him.
This line was actually said by my character since I had Jorge's firefight voice in Reach.

I was riding shotgun in a warthog near the side of a cliff when suddenly my driver accidentally drives us off it. As we were falling, my character randomly said "I do love my job" right before we blew up. I started laughing hysterically. XD
Stacker, Halo 2, "Hey Calamari!"

This should speak for itself.
Marine 1: can he drive that thing?
Marine 2: he's a Spartan!

think its halo3... or halo wars, can't remember. Its something mates and I still say when hopping into vehicles.
Anything the Grunts said in Halo's CE, 2, and 3 <3