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When do you get on Waypoint?

OP J kid789

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I'm typically on as I'm in bed for the night. Let's me get all the posts for the day.
Usually when it's slow at work, which is a lot lol
I check the site every now and then, but I'm not as active as I was in the past.
Almost every time I look at my phone, I chack to see if I have any notifications from waypoint.
I am confined to the house so I am on it at all hours of the day and night daily. I don't post as much as I read though.
usually when I'm suppose to be doing homework
Usually a few times a day.
Pretty much when I have a few minutes free at work, other wise I try to check in about once a day in case someone went a bit off the rails.
Me, I check every couple days or so, just lurking around. To see if anything new is happening... which most times nothing is.
I used to be active a lot but then just kind of stopped for a while. I'm trying to be more active now. Usually though I will get on and just scan the forums everyday. I also forget a lot. I'll be like oh lets get on waypoint then I'll get distracted and forget about it.
Tuesday through Friday, I have my morning coffee with a large dose of Waypoint. Saturday when I have a minute at work. Sunday and Monday If I'm at home, on all day. In the past I would be on every free minute at work. The new position does not give me the opportunity to be on all day.
Whenever i'm free and not doing anything i come on to see what's happening.
When I get off work, I check in for about a half hour and read up on the new forum posts
I used to be on at home all the time, but as of lately it's more while I'm at work and it's slow.
I haven't gotten on in more than a year. I thinkIdk if people still remember me.I just came back because I've been all lonely and -Yoink- and I messed up quite a bit with my social life.But would be great if anyone remembered me hehe
I get on almost every day; however, I rarely post outside of my company's forum anymore
Usually a few times a day.
Same. A few times throughout the day. Usually in the morning while eating breakfast, a couple times at work when things get slow, and once or twice at night.
I used to be on at work all the time. I got a new job, late last year, and it killed my forum time.

These days, it's really hit or miss. I find myself checking in to see if there is a community update every other day or so. I would say 95% of my time on waypoint, including right now, is while laying in bed.
Usually in the morning.
Check it out every now and then on break or at home.
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