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When talking about H2A Elites

OP kyleycoyote14

I know this shouldn't bug me as much as it does, but when talking about H2A Elite design, I ask that people make sure to specify if you're talking about the H2A multiplayer elite design, or campaign elite design. When I see posts about a dislike of the H2A elite design, I'm not sure which design is being talked about. I hope not the campaign design because I think it's one of the best Elite designs to date!
Yeah, to be honest, I wasn't quite sure what 343 was thinking when completely changing the H2A elite design in multiplayer, they should've kept it the same all round. I think it was due to competitive reasons because 343 like there competitive little homies.. but yeah probably 100% of the people that say they didn't like the H2A elites are definitely talking about the multiplayer ones. :)
Hahaha I would hope so :)