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Which game Halo game had the best infection?

OP EVoro77

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If we're talking about the game mode alone, Halo: Reach and Halo 5 give you the most options to work with towards making awesome custom games.

Halo 4's Flood was decent for putting in the effort on the Flood model, but it also took features away and made it constricting. You couldn't give the Flood any other weapons, and you couldn't swap out their armor abilities for other ones in the loadouts.
honestly i like the infection of H2A and Halo 4 beacause of the design
Halo 3 and reach had the best
Halo 3!
Halo Reach baby!
Halo 2A. I feel like the models were good and it was overall balanced.
I'd say reach or halo 5. both have fun matchmade and custom match gameplay.
EVoro77 wrote:
In my opinion i liked halo 4's infection mainly because of the fact they actually looked like zombies.
Honestly it was cool to see Flood versions of the Spartans. I liked that.
From memories alone, I’d say Classic Halo 2 infection. There was something so awesome about working together as humans to get into those cheeky spots where it was difficult for the infected to get you. Specifically, the map Foundation.
Reach. Maybe i'm just old. But every change they made to it after Reach I got less and less interested in it. Sure there was some real campy MF'ers who could hold out and snipe and get loads of kills. But I don't think it ever actually won them the game. They would be too isolated and would eventually lose.

Halo 5 is by far the worst one for me. It's trying to be more like Left 4 Dead than halo. And when you spawn die because the map changed zones or whatever, that's just infuriating. Not to mention how little ammo you start with as a human compared to previous games. It's just bad all around.
Halo 4. Felt very balanced and every match felt different than the last. Bonus points for using flood
For me it's Halo 3, then Halo Reach closely behind. It was simple and the maps were good.
Used to be Halo 3 infection on MCC until they basically made "Save one bullet" the only game type for H3 infection (The infected get full shields, pretty much base speed and the energy sword while survivors didn't get a single buff with the infected usually winning every round) Halo 4 regular infection you could cheese with the thrust ability as a flood while gravemind was pretty fun but reach probably takes the best place in my opinion due to the balance of the survivors and infected just wish they would add actual infection maps to MCC
By default i vote for halo 4. You actually had to survive the infected (WHO NOW WERE FLOOD SPARTANS). But 2A was better for customizing.
I'd say Reach, it built on and perfected what came before it. I was not a fan of how in 4 and 5 they started giving out other weapons to the player, especially with some being on the map. I never liked that and still don't, I think infection should be Shotgun/Magnum.
H2 because honor rules and creativity.
Tbh? I like Halo 2 Anniversary Infection the most. Frankly playing as a survivor and a zombie is usually not so bad. Halo 4 is ok as well but only in modes without armor abilities.

Halo 3 is a slog and the shotgun feels utterly worthless. Being a zombie feels eh? Half the time useless, half the time cleaving foes into pieces.

Halo Reach has the opposite issue, its very active but the Shotgun is ridiculous in its range. The addition of the Magnum in Halo Reach Infection is frustrating because of how frankly overpowered the weapon is against zombies which are unshielded targets. Being a zombie can be a pain especially if you’re on a map that favours Pistol useage such as Sword Base or Countdown. Also Sprint on zombies is far better than Evade despite Evade being much quicker and harder to counteract.

Halo 5 also has a respectable Infection depending on what you’re getting into. Though admittedly anything with high variety weapon spawns or any map that leads you to an endpoint tend to be very annoying as a zombie.
Although I’m being Biased Because this is my #1 Halo game of all time But, Halo Reach it’s Infection mode is just way too much fun in my opinion
I loved halo 4 infection I think it got to much hate
I think Reach had the best game mechanics for infection. $ had cool looking zombies, but i feel like it didn't feel the same. Not sure if others feel this way or not..
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