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Which Halo Character Can You Relate To?

OP FestivHunter

So, to kick this off, this isn't a "favorite Spartan" forum.
For example, I can relate to The Rookie, being a "Strong and Silent" type. I'm more of a quiet person and have had to endure many tough challenges in life.
I honestly don't know who I can relate to specifically. I'm probably a mixture of characters
None of them they are out there saving the day and I am sitting at the house racking up gamerscore.LOL.
Buck, old sargent, been there done that, can feel it in my bones
Bit of a complex comparison. I will just point out a few:

Buck: At the time of ODST, he is the last of the original A-9 squad. He's working with people he does not really know well and having to operate in a new structure. He can be perceived as irritated, but he's simply under a lot of strain. Maybe his way of dealing with the problem is pushing ahead regardless of the obstacles or people's feelings. i.e. Romeo's commenting

Romeo: I can relate to Romeo's need to fill the air with comments. Obviously, Buck found this annoying and told him to zip it.

Chief (343's): He's entering a new world that has moved passed him. In Halo 4, he has been gone for many years. He is no longer special in the aspects of being a Spartan. People are becoming newer, faster, and stronger. He needs to adapt to a new world or risk becoming obsolete.
Probably Dutch, cause I never trained to be a pilot :I
(don't flame me I'm trying to be funny)
Dutch. He’s tired. He’s done with life. He just wants to settle down. I understand that.
Probably Dutch, cause I never trained to be a pilot :I
(don't flame me I'm trying to be funny)
I didn’t train to be a pilot
Church we are exactly the same (only I can hit things).
From the games though probably Jun.
Carter. It's tough being the leader.
Either Rookie, just for being alone and quiet, ir the Arbiter, for his loyalty but eventually being betrayed and everything that follows.
Dutch, for the same reason as baconsam5283, and The Rookie for the same reason as FestivHunter.