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Which halo game had your favorite ad campaign?

OP BeneficBen

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Each Halo ad campaign had it's own style that was interesting and built up anticipation for the next crumb of information, but I'd like to know which Halo ad campaign is your favorite and what did you like about it?

My top 3:
  1. Halo 3. (One the of the most iconic Halo ad campaigns, featuring spectacular in-game trailers and the famous Landfall short film)
  2. Halo Reach ( Although I didn't like the fact that they showed what turned out to be Thom's death in the live-action trailer, I still enjoyed the melancholy undertones they used in the ads)
  3. Halo Wars 2: (I liked how they approached introducing the Banished by initially showing them as this mysterious enemy that able to nearly wipe out 3 Spartans and the Spirit of Fire. The live-action ads with the Atriox suit was also pretty cool)
Halo 3 for sure.

These ads specifically.

Going into Halo 3 I never thought of what could come after, and really believed (get it?) that we were going to finish the fight and it would be the last Halo game. I couldn't wait to see how it all ended. Thankfully, that day has not come yet!
Oh man, hands down Halo 3. The hype for that game has not been matched by any other game for me to this day. It’s not my favorite game (it’s still one of them though), but damn if they didn’t do a terrific job with advertising. The ad with the hand-made battle scene and figurines is still one of my all-time favorite ads.

While I watched all the marketing and advertising well after launch, I found Halo 5’s advertising to come in second. Obviously, it wasn’t the most truthful, but it got me even more interested in Halo. Hunt the Truth in particular had me hooked. Lastly, it was great to see Chief’s Spartan brothers and sisters from childhood in a live-action commercial.

All other advertising campaigns were equally well done. That’s not to say they were average because they were excellent in their own ways. Each had something unique to offer for the game it was promoting and it’s hard to pick one over the others.
As an individual Ad, I really like Halo:Reach "Deliver Hope" too OP. But surely we're all hoping Halo Infinite will become our " new favourite" Ads and Game?

For whole Ad Campaign so far, I'd give it to Halo 5 (because it's so devious and sneaky, and the viewer has to "get" the references 343i make). Halo 4 had some important Ads too which I like, as they set out the origins of Chief as The Reclaimer.

For anyone who missed it and what it was probably really pointing to, try this...


Instead of "007", we now see "117" going "undercover" (in a cloak, or cloak and dagger), as he investigates machines that use energy pulses to destroy stuff. 117 holds on to his "memories of Cortana", and pulls the chip down protectively and defiantly as if to say "I refuse to believe it's the missing Cortana that's behind this!", as if she might somehow be accused of the plot. But then, looking up, 117 sees one, then two "golden eyes". So, if it's like the Bond Movie "Goldeneye", an "evil 006" (who may be working for ONI?) might be behind the Guardians - but to keep us guessing, in Halo 4, they also painted the Didact's eyes "gold" so the Didact could also be called "Golden Eyes"!

Of course, there's many "Goldeneye" Guardians and leads to investigate, so "If 117 needs a hand, how about we send him 007?", and they even have him jumping from high up and dropping head-first like Bond off the Dam in the opening of the Movie. So for some "hidden" character details about this "new 007 guy" helping 117 find out who's stealing and using the Guardians, turn the sound up LOUD so you can clearly hear the James Bond Theme music playing, as we meet "James-(Bond)-on Locke" (Jameson Locke) in the big Bond Movie style opening of "Halo 5: Goldeneye"!

Alas, how many missed it! But be it a bit cryptic, as advertised, did 343i deliver "Halo: Goldeneye" after all? LOL! :-D

343i are great fun once you "tune in" on their "vibes"...
"Believe" my friends. Believe that Halo 3 will live up to all the hype... which it DID!!!

#RememberReach was a very very close second. The music in "Deliver Hope" still gets me every time.
Halo 3 was the best. ODST was a close second.
Unpopular opinion here:

halo 4. the tv spots got me so hyped, especially the one where john was captured, and you see the didact slowly approaching him. I remember being so yoinking excited to see why delrio was arguing with Cortana and the chief.

Admittedly, halo 4 was the first halo to release since I had gotten into the franchise, and it was also the first video game I ever planned on going to the midnight launch for, so I was hyped as could be. So maybe I'm a little biased. But even now when I Look back, I think the adds are pretty awesome.

on top of all that, I've always been a sucker for the return of beloved characters, in movies, tv, games etc, so seeing John wake up from that cryo pod and realize he didn't yet "finish the fight" was something truly special
Deliver Hope is easily the best trailer.
Best ad campaign goes to Halo 3 or 5.
Without a doubt, Halo 3. I still watch them every once and a while.
Halo 3 was a masterful and epic marketing campaign that set a new bar for videogame advertising. Reach was dang good as well. For me the hype goes to Halo 3. Believe, the Neil Bloomkamp films, and the absolutely amazing E3 2006 reveal.
Halo 5 and 3 had the best ones. #HuntTheTruth was amazing to investigate and learn all this secret stuff. 3 was just great with all of its ads and I really thought Halo was gonna end there and I hated it. Believe and the campaign that went along with it was just perfection with those interviews.
Hmm, tough one. I liked most Ads in the Halo franchise. But some of my favorite are:
  • Halo 3 Believe trailer
  • All of Halo 3's Believe related trailers
  • Halo 3 ODST We are ODST
  • Halo Reach Launch trailer
  • Halo 4 Launch Trailer
  • Halo 4 Scanned trailer
  • all Halo 4 Multiplayer trailers
  • Halo 5 Launch trailer
CE had that cheesy trailer with the voice-over saying "You are the last of your kind" or something like that. It was super funny. Enjoy.

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Halo 3 ODST
”We Are ODST.”
Hmmm that's a hard one as I love a lot of Halo ADs but for me I have to say #1 is Starry Night from Halo 3, #2 is Scanned from Halo 4, and #3 is Deliver Hope from Halo Reach.
Halo 3 was just so much hype for me, and it lived up to the hype and more. God I loved that game.

#RememberReach had a really well put together marketing campaign. The ‘deliver hope’ advert would divert the attention of any Xbox user at the time and it seemed to be one of the most heavily advertised games I can remember.
Halo 3 with Believe. That was simply breathtaking
Halo 5 hands down...too bad it didn't have anything to do with the game. Halo 3 is a very close second.
Halo 3 is where I got into the franchise. The "Believe" trailer was epic and drew me into the story line. However, I will say that this one,
demonstrated the potential for a live action movie.

Another ad that comes to mind were the ones done for Reach. I especially liked the one where they introduced Carter: "Birth of a Spartan"
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