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Which is the best UNSC Marines design?

OP TanEugene94

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Ever since the UNSC Marines appeared in the Halo video games, which is the best UNSC Marines design from those games?
I think Halo 3's marines, personally.
I like Reach's cause its more gritty but the H3 Marine concept art is phenomenal. Nothing like the slinky scrawnyness we see in the game.
Halo CE classic remains the best marine design
I like the H2A Marine designs, it fits in well with Halo
I like Reach's for the same reason that Shawn4Japan gave.
I like the Reach marines.
i like the halo reach marines the best.
I still love the Marines from Halo Reach, Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 3. Those are my favorite UNSC Marines design in the Halo video games.
Pretty much anything that isn't Halo 4... I mean... Yikes... Personally Halo 2 had my favorite marine design. Mix that in with voice acting from David Cross and Michelle Rodriguez, and you've got the best marines in the series.
halo reach marines were great. i also however kind of (emphasis on kind of) liked halo 4 marines
Honestly, I like both Reach’s design, and Halo Wars 1’s design.
Honestly I liked the design from the Halo Was cinematic trailer the best. Which is basically the Halo:CE design with a few upgrades.
Personally I like Halo 3's marine design
Halo 2 and 3's Marines looked best, Halo CE Marines where good but lacked in detail but its understandable for a game that's really old, Halo 4 and 5 Marines don't vent look like Marines, to me they just look more like a really cheap versions of Spartans and ODST
Wars. It’s not my kind of game but I love those designs.
I really like CE gonna have to go with them
I absolutely loved the Halo 3 design, loved the simplicity and the detail of it; especially in the Halo 3 live action trailer Arms Race :)
I liked Reach's
Halo 3: ODSTs
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