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Who else killed the friendly AI for fun?

OP Macinwoof

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I used to do it a lot as a kid but now for some reason I’m emotionally attached to the marines and try to keep every single one of them alive. Especially Johnson.
I think cortona kills them for fun because I play with boom and Sputnik on so, let's just say that they fly 30 ft in the air and none survived truth and reconciliation except for keys
USCRuss72 wrote:
What a bunch of maniacs lol. The last time I slaughtered friendlies was back on the bridge of the Pillar of Autumn in 2003.
I remember that one. You had to kill Keyes then all the AI come after you with a vengeance. I did it in 2001 but can't remember the name of the achievement... lol
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In Halo Reach, well to be more accurate the DLC that came with Halo Anniversary edition, I switched to Elites just to try and see how good the ODSTs were at fighting. They didn't do much. But funny thing is that Jackles destroy ODSTs.

If you want to see some Halo AI battles look at this channel.
My favorite place to kill the AIs was at he beginning of Crow's Nest on Halo 3. There are a whole bunch of nerds fiddling with computers in that room who are completely helpless to merc. Also at the beginning of Combat Evolved I would always turn around and go back into the bridge after Captain Keyes gives me his pistol and murder the whole crew on the bridge lol
Negative however I loved the random chatter from the older games.
A marine would get all happy knowing that Master Chief, an idle of the UNSC is right by his side. Then I would just one hit them in the head with a DMR.
9 times our of 10 when i play the second mission of halo CE
my marines like to roll in front of my warthog instead of away from it
One time it happaned so often that they turned hostile
Doing this in New Alexandra was always a blast.
I try to play as realistically as possible so I never kill friendly AIs on purpose, and hate when I accidentally do it, in particular to ODSTs.
An achievement > AI friendship
I used to do it to the ones that look the same. R.I.P marines /ODST
Halo 3 Marines are more fun to kill than the covenant I don't know why everyone do this but is still fun.
Usually if start on friendly A.I it means you're getting bored with the game or are frustrated with their programming.
Crow's nest was always fun to do this on.
Rhydon65 wrote:
I've got a bit of a story to tell. One time I was doing a playthrough of CE on the collection. When I got to Truth and Reconciliation, I got to the room on the highest floor where there's that elite with a sword standing above everyone. I kept trying to take him out with my sniper rifle before he could notice us, but the marines were having none of that. They kept going in guns blazing like a bunch of morons and getting themselves killed. After reverting back to the last checkpoint about six or seven times, I lost my patience and killed them all. Satisfying as it was, it had its consequences later.

When I made it to the captain and the 3 marines he had with him, the game still marked me as an enemy to them and they had me stuck in a spawnkilling loop. So I shut the game off, and when I came back later I started the campaign from the beginning. Except this time, I killed every single marine. Every. Single One. And I killed Keyes a few times on Truth and Recon as well.
Hahahaha LOL
I do it when i get angry
My big brother once told me I could join the covenant (in campaign) If I killed all my marine teammates (I was wrong)
I wish I could have killed Keyes for the amount of times he sprinted out ahead of me in my Legendary run of CE and made me restart from the last checkpoint.
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