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Why are you a Halo fan?

OP Nightwing0135

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What is the reason you’re a halo fan. Is it the story, the multiplayer? Would like to hear your opinion.

I’m a halo fan because I’m a huge fan of science fiction. I also like anything that involves humans fighting aliens. I like the story that Halo games have brought and really enjoy the lore that Halo has had the chance to have grown for almost eighteen years and enjoy the multiplayer too mainly because I like first person shooters.

Edit: Love what everyone’s reasons are for being a Halo fan!
I love the story and the visuals.
The biggest reason why I am a Halo fan is because my Dad introduced it to me when I was really young, telling me I should check it out because I would probably like it, and so, I did. And of course, I definitely enjoyed, and it's been my favorite game of all time :D
My brother introduced me to halo CE, at that time the cinematics seemed incredible to me and everything seemed very realistic, and time after the multiplayer of halo 2 was unique, had something that differentiates it from the rest of games of that time.
Personally, I am a Halo fan because I have always loved science fiction and warfare. Combine the two together and you get Halo - the perfect sci-fi shooting game. I am also a huge fan of the storyline and characters. Halo has been such a big part of my life, and I am so grateful for all the good work 343 has done with the game!
i am a halo fan because i played it when i was 5 when my oldest brother brought over halo 1,2,3 been a halo fan ever since and i love the lore and armour characters, gameplay and the game in general.
also my dad is space buff and history buff and he got me into space ever since i knew him.
I'm a massive fan of military sci-fi, and Halo's bread and butter is (unsurprisingly) military sci-fi. But that only serves to make me interested in Halo. What makes me such a huge fan of Halo is the fact that it has branched out into so many other aspects of sci-fi and still manages to keep me hooked. Last Light and Retribution were more on the level of detective stories, but I still loved them. The Forerunner Trilogy was an adventure story and I loved every word I read. Hunters in the Dark focused more on exploration and discovery than the military.

So in short, I'm such a huge fan of Halo because it has broadened my opinions and fascination with multiple aspects of sci-fi, not just military sci-fi. It's a vast and wide-reaching story that touches on so many parts of the sci-fi genre.
Multiplayer is so cool and addictive but the story, God Im in love with Halo story, is a big univers with so many things to tell, excelent characters, its complex and super cool, it has very well thought out elements, the correct dose of reality and fiction. Species and culture, technology, politics, actually I liked Halo from the first time I played, but when I met all the story behind, I just loved it!
The story, the community, and my uncles are the reason that i'm a fan. From Machinimas to map makers, Screenshot artists and just random cool people i met in multiplayer, it just made me love it all! My uncles are the reason that i got into it and let me tell you i'm glad they introduced it to me when I was younger. People are just so creative with the series. Like how Rooster Teeth did Red vs. Blue, The ElDerito Team's Halo online, all the fan art, the forge maps, man you name it!
Because it was the first game I’ve played and it means a lot to me this game does, I’m glad to be part of this community
Back in the N64 days, I was a big Goldeneye fan. The subsequent 007 video game releases were never as good as Goldeneye. I kept jumping around playing different 1st person shooters and once I landed on Halo CE I was hooked. The lan matches were so much fun but the campaign was also a ton of fun.Halo is the only franchise I really got good at so I decided to stick with it.
My older brother actually introduced me to halo 3. Ever since then I loved the game. At first It was more about playing the game with friends and having a good time but recently I'm head over heels for the lore and story. I absolutely love it.
because the chief. master chief john spartan 117,
aka ""i need a weapon"" -
""how much firepower would you need"" -
""sir permission to leave the station"" [for what purpose chief] ""to give the covenant back their bomb"" -
cortana : ""you look nice"", johnson and chief in unison ""thanks""

the chief is the troll who get -Yoink- done and i loved it. did not play 5 so cant say ive seen him grow into emo chief but man ""this is spartan 117 can anyone hear me over"" (master chief? mind telling me what your doing on that ship) ""sir, finishing this fight!"" the original is the best.
Cause I havent yet found a sci-fi series that blends reality with some variation of fantasy well enough.
Its got everything a military fan wants; down-to-earth tech and weaponry, supersoldiers, space travel, humans kicking alien butt...
Also for the most part, the fighting isnt asymetrical like it is in Star Wars. No rag-tag band here, the UNSC knows what its doing AND more importantly is not afraid to mess things up if they have too to win.
To know the Lore is to know Halo
"Dont be spoiled, dont start a fight. Always be careful, here at night. Because the Spartans might come, in suits that weigh half a ton. And they'll steal from you all you gots, just like they did from Colonel Watts."
It is the game that made me a gamer.
April 3rd 2017 I joined the Marine Corps because of my favorite video game character Sergeant Major Johnson. I am currently Stationed in Iwakuni Japan.
I'm planning on using my college education to pursue acting in the hopes that when I leave the military I can voice for games like a halo. (Also I stand at 6'2" with a Darth Vader deep voice if you need any more spartans for that live action Showtime show *cough cough wink wink nudge nudge)

Halo is the first game I played that had action, mystery, and purpose. The theme of Halo was always about serving the greater good above yourself. A general pride in humanity and all that we can accomplish.

I was seven when I first laid eyes on the cover of Halo:CE. Coming on 20 years later I still get chills playing.
I love the story and the aesthetics, but the main reason is I love Sci-Fi militaries. The UNSC is just the perfect blend of real but futuristic, and due to that I love the vehicles, especially the Navy ships
I am a fan of halo as it takes a species as weak as the human race and even with space craft, an army and super spartans, they are backed against the wall against all odds on the retreat fighting the evil covenant religion
I've been playing Halo since the age of 8 and I'm 23 now. The first ever FPS I have ever played on the original Xbox was Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo has been a staple for me in gaming that I always hold on to and cherish. I can even remember my first Xbox Live Halo 3 matches from way back in '08 - '10. I love Halo and if it became illegal, I would surely break the law to play Halo.
taco loser wrote:
I've been playing Halo since the age of 8 and I'm 23 now.
Same here, only 22.

I grew up with the games starting with Halo 3 and haven’t really left the series alone since. Had a dry spell when I first moved out but picked it back up and haven’t put it down since. Nowadays though a lot of it is for a sense of escapism and that great feeling of going in guns blazing while Covies drop around you. Master Chief brings me a lot of joy too, seeing him and Thel together in H5 (even for the brief moment it was) took me back to a much simpler time in my life
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