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Why is this talked about so little!!

OP Curse Z34

Alright, I've been looking around a lot and I've concluded that Infection is something the community wants; but with so little people talking about it. This gives the impression of the longing of infection is a "niche" and that not everyone will play their hard efforts of a game-type. I so badly want infection, but if I'm the only one posting on their twitter and twitch sessions asking where it is, it isn't making a difference. We're a society of crowd driven enterprises. Make an impression on 343i and ask for infection. but I digress and know that it probably might be too late...
I imagine infection will be included in a game type dlc next or the following month. I was fine with them holding it back thinking that they would be released with the addition of forge, but when i learned we weren't getting them i was very disappointed... 343 needs to stop shoving reqs that we don't need in our face and give us the halo we deserve. Custom games like infection were what made halo so fun. They are pushing competitiveness and less casual gameplay which is a real shame because what made halo so fun was how casual it was. I was really looking forward to making maps to play games such as jenga, but i guess it will have to wait. Forge is great, but it is practically useless without game types other then slayer, capture the flag. 343 has listened to the community that is the only thing i can give them credit for, they will give us more game types, the only question is when.
yea idk why but they took alot from halo and hopefully they are tinkering with it and plan to rerelease what we loved so much about halo.
I see infection being requested everywhere frequently.
There is supposed to be new content through June so it wouldn't surprise me to see it later on down the road