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Worst aspect of every halo game?

OP MaldyMaldy

To clarify, what do you think is the worst thing in every halo game? That one thing that maybe has ruined your experience with each halo. Ill list mine out in bullet form to keep it clean.

Halo:CE - Sniper Rifle. Im going to be completely honest... I think the sniper ruined a lot of the multiplayer experience I had growing up. A lot of people complain about the magnum being alpha and omega of multiplayer, but the sniper was just so overpowered simply because it was so forgiving if you missed a shot. Fast fire rate and little to no recoil. It was annoying.

Halo 2 - BR double fire/double shot. This was a straight up exploit that never got patched. It ruined a lot of online experiences for me. Straight up bug that experienced players abused. It even found its way into pro league which was huge at the time of halo 2's release and it was NEVER FIXED.

Halo 3 - Equipment. I'm sure the reaction to this is either completely confused if you started playing halo at halo 3, or unsurprised if you started playing halo from CE or 2. This was a huge topic of debate when halo 3 first came out and, tbh, I've never really lost the gripe for it. I still think its annoying as heck to launch a rocket at someone and they catch you off guard with a bubble shield. Almost like its an rng element and this is pretty much the precursor of armor abilities which, as we all know, is a HUGE topic of conflict and debate in the community.

Halo Reach - Armor Lock. All AA's have a special place of hate in my heart, but armor lock takes the cake for the ultimate "accidentally step in water with your socks on" kind of annoying. It was a panic switch for many players and ruined any map or game mode focused around vehicle combat. Made all vehicle combat engagements tedious and slow.

Halo 4 - Boltshot. The dreaded armor abilities made a return to Halo 4, (for reasons i cant even begin to comprehend), but the bigger problem was weapon balancing with the bolt shot being the star of that show. The reason the boltshot is the star of the weapon balancing fiasco is because of the introduction to custom weapon load outs. The bolt shot was a one shot kill shotgun-like weapon in halo 4 that everyone could start with. Weapon load outs were a terrible idea for halo, and the fact that one of the weapons you have the option to start with was a viable OHK shotgun that was easy to find ammo for because at least half the lobby was using it, completely destroyed weapon balancing.

Halo 5 - Smaller radar. The smaller radar in halo 5 ruined most of the classic game modes for myself. At this point, movement speed in halo has drastically increased with the addition of standard sprint on everyone, thrusters, etc. After like 15 years of halo, no one has ever asked for a smaller radar. Its understandable that pro variants dont use any radar at all, but thats a separate entity of classic team slayer and other classic game modes. So with the smaller radar and increased movement speed, it made the radar useless, and turned halo into something else that doesn't quite feel like halo at all.

TL;DR - I've been thinking about how infinite can improve on all player gripes on every halo to become the ultimate title in the series, and I decided to come up with a personal list of gripes and complaints from each game.

What do you guys think? Was there any ONE thing in a halo game that completely ruined the experience for?
Halo CE: No comment Halo 2: I didnt find double aka quadshotting that big of a deal. Most people couldnt pull it off so if you practiced you could master it as well.My gripe with H2 and MCC was the unreasonable ranking system. 20 up is 50s and pros on smurfs and 30 up was a nightmare. Halo 3: Thought the game was amazing my fav for sure. I personally dont mind equipment. If I were to fix anything it would be cool to olay with without lead shots. Halo Reach: Arena- when it first launched it was like halo 5 individual skill mattered and spm and it lead to betrayals for power weapons etc. Bloom: literally randomness. Crouch spam became king and pacing didnt really ever work like they said it would. Halo 4: Ordinance was my only gripe with this game and lack of ranked during bo2 which probably was best cod to date. Halo5:Taking all the good things from H4 like netcode, aiming and movement throwing it all in the garbage. I didnt realize the radar in 5 was junk makes sense it just forces crouch gameplay. Halo 5 while I play it probably is the worst in the series, heavy aiming is a joke, the servers are more randon than p2p. The Halo 5 ranked is terrible but menke thinks his systems is great but talk to anyone who is actually champ at all levels and since the csr reduction and terrible matchups is frustrating all around.
H1: Either the needler or the Flood. The needler isn't any fun to use above Normal difficulty, and the Flood just gives me bad memories.

H2: The extremely unbalanced Legendary difficulty. This is the only Halo game I am NEVER going to do on that difficulty. Those Jackal Snipers can go get killed by millions of Kleer Skeletons.

H3: Almost the entire campaign. also the fact that bullet-based weapons use projectile travel. And finally, the multiplayer. The entire game just feels too slow. Not only that, it's even incredibly overrated now.

Wars 1: The whole game just feels rather boring even though it isn't a particularly bad game whatsoever.

ODST: I can't find anything for this game that I particularly hate.

Reach: Reticle bloom and Armor Lockup. They're self-explanatory.

H4: The fact that Fred and the rest of Blue Team aren't in the game whatsoever. Other than that, some of the Spartan Ops missions (or rather, many of them) are unbalanced. It's almost like they pulled a Legend of the Beast with Spartan Ops with the unbalanced difficulty for some of the missions.

H5: Every Fireteam Osiris mission. Either that, or the Achilles armor and Timmy helmet. These do NOT deserve to exist whatsoever! The Achilles armor has permanently ruined my H5 experience, and it had better NOT make it to MCC, please!

Wars 2: The game's frequent tendency to crash, which has put me away from the game recently.

Infinite: EVERYTHING. It's time to STOP being hyped for this impending disaster of a game.
1: Imbalanced weapons
2: God awful legendary difficulty
3: Hit registration was AWFUL
ODST: The campaign was too short for a full-price game
Reach: Armor lock-up was a -Yoink-
4: Multiplayer was bad
5: Campaign was an utter disaster
CE: hit mechanics
2: Nothing honestly
3: the brute’s dumb AI
ODST: nothing atm
4: Cortana
5: Locke being the new protagonist- I’m an original
Listing campaign then multiplayer
Halo CE: Feels dated but it has its right to be that way especially being over 16 years old. The campaign was fun but some missions felt like a drag especially on higher difficulties where the sandbox started to whittle down.
Halo 2: Honestly not much to comment on, sure it's legendary difficulty might be hard but it's not overly hard since it's supposed to be the hardest difficulty without skulls added and it's honestly my favorite Halo to play on solo legendary. As far as guns though your choices dwindle the harder the difficulty.
Halo 3: The vehicle combat on harder difficulties could be a pain not mention how bad ai can be as a gunner for vehicles and how the damage is given to players while they are in a vehicle but it's sandbox is probably the most usable out of the rest on higher difficulties.
Halo 3: ODST: Same as H3
Halo Reach: Honestly no complaints campaign wise.
Halo 4: Bullet sponge enemies and weapons despawned really fast but with how bad the ai is that didn't affect to much.
Halo 5: Probably the most frustrating campaign to play solo legendary since your A.I. teammates can't put a square in the square hole. Also bullet sponge enemies especially with how they ruined the hunter's flow in combat making them a grinding halt to the gameplay and tracking weapons for most enemies leading to more restarts because you get pelted with tracking suppressors and made spammed.
Multiplayer wise (most of these really aren't complaints just knit picks)
Halo CE: Barely any sandbox with bad spawning but it's understandable since it was the first Halo game and mostly meant for split screen and lan.
Halo 2: Barely a usable sandbox with the BR and Power weapons mostly being used, that's about it
Halo 3: Pretty much just bad netcode that hurt it but it was kinda fixed for MCC and that's about it for H3.
Halo Reach: Bloom for the most part with fights usually being RNG unless you crouch spam and armor abilities hurting multiplayer, armor lock for one which does get annoying but they usually just get shot down when it runs out, but the jet pack is the most annoying especially against a whole team who uses them usually leading to dying from every direction. Also probably has the easiest to use sniper with H4, H5 being very close.
Halo 4: Honestly other than a small selection of viable weapons it's not to bad unless you fight a bolt shot class which I have tested, BR, Bolt shot, Plasma Grenades, Thrust, Shielding and sensor being a pretty easy to use class that can be annoying to fight.
Halo 5: I was fine with clamber, sprint and sliding but ground pound (which felt worthless most of the time), thrust which was a get out of jail free card, and Spartan charge which was a one shot melee hurting CQC based weapons performance. Req packs hurt warzone the most probably, could of been a good mode if it didn't have the loot box class selection that really didn't feel earned.
That's about it, most of these were knit picks especially Halo CE to H3
CE: Gameplay turning into a tiresome grind beginning from The Library. A result of the tight deadline back then, but still.
H2: So many dramatic changes to weapons that made me confused coming from CE, and I still don't like lots of the changes even after getting used to H2.
H3: Everything related to the flood. Too creepy and disgusting for me (though that was the point), and Pure Forms are particularly hard to kill (a hit regestration issue maybe?).
ODST: Too many repeated map sections that made me lost and frustrated on my first play despite featuring the map interface.
H4: How high-pitched the audio design is. I literally have to quit and rest almost every 20 minutes or so due to the screeching sounds.
H5: Campaign feels like those bland, hollow, stereotypical, money-printing Hollywood blockbusters.
Hot take probably - I think the weapon animations in every Halo game from Halo 3 onwards look stiff and, for lack of a better word while writing this post, boring.
Ok well im going to take the time to preface my comment with this: Everything I’m about to say is partly exaggerated to a degree, please dont take it personally. A bruised ego does not concern me.

Halo CE: where to begin, the giant but entirely empty worldspace, the bonkers weapon balance and ting samdbox of maybe 4 useful weapons and 5 novelty pieces of junk. The fact that the game teleports you forwards when playing in Co-Op regardless of your own free will. Oh and the fact that the Flood exist and were introduced altogether is a giant loss for fun everywhere.

Halo 2: the entire game belongs in a dumpster and so do people that think the BR was a good inclusion. The shield flares in CE and 2 are fundamentally useless. Its a shame dual wielding and a few new guns cant make up for a lackluster gameplay experience and a difficulty setting that is literally broken as in not how any video game should work.

Halo 3: literally the most basic whitebread Halo game ever. Literally anyone who has ever played Halo probably likes Halo 3, Coca Cola and the Beatles. Congratulations. In all seriousness the gun sandbox is all over the place just like Halo CE and 2 but at least the Needler is finally useful? It only took 6 frickin years.

Halo 3: ODST: Halo 3 but Elites are gone, and so is having actual health. You now have the consistency of wet tissue paper and the AR is actually not worthless for once. Just kidding it does like 2 points more damage or something and the BR not being there makes it look like a divine gift instead of the unholy garbage it is and always will be. Also the lack of people being competent at a basic level stops being flattering when you’re not a Spartan.
Halo Reach: There’s a surprising amount of subtle depth to Halo Reach that you wont notice but what you will notice is that despite actual having a male/female voice actor Noble Six says maybe 7 things throughout the entire game and his personality is otherwise non-exist. The Master Chief was kind of the same except in Halo 4 when Steven Downes was allowed to act like a human being and not a sentient machine gun. Also Armor Lock singlehandedly kills most of the fun out of the multiplayer experience second only to the sniper rifle which is like if the term “Mary Sue” was transformed into a firearm and given more ammo than it feasibly needs ever.

Halo 4: The Master Chief now talks when murdering countless alien creatures and constructs and not just when he’s being expositioned at. The real time ability of a sentient machine gun to talk and shoot is incredible until you run out of ammo 3 seconds later and have to pick up Supressors, you might as well have just farted in the Didacts general direction because a Supressor cant actually supress anything.
Halo 5: Aside from literally making Halo 4s ending meaningless trite it also introduced a pointless macguffin from the Forerunners to keep “hot blue robot lady” from actually dying because actions having consequences was too much for the nerds to handle. They actually made Prometheans threatening but now they’re almost too threatening. Its actually annoying how powerful they are despite how lame they are in Halo 4. The Warden Eternal woulf be great if his personality was more than “protec mantle, protec cortuno” - Maybe if he had an ounce of depth instead of making a character with a cool idea, giving him a snazzy voice and story prominence and then not having his character mean anything except as a throwaway bossfight segment. He has millions of bodies but the only thing he wants to do with them is lose against 4 nerds with SAWs, apparently.
I am more of PvE kind of guy but do play PvP once in a while.

Halo CE: Can't say a thing this game is a masterpiece for the campaign, Multiplayer can't say i am an only child.
Halo 2: 2nd favorite campaign love everything about it. Multiplayer... Can't say didn't have live when i was in college had bills to pay lol.
Halo 3: 3rd favorite campaign love it to death. Multiplayer Everything was good they're too.
Halo 3 Odst: Good game, too short. Multiplayer Firefight and that's it, firefight is fun and all but the lack of online matchmaking for it killed it for me.
Halo Reach: Favorite campaign Legendary can be randomly difficult "Concussion rifle" and 1 shot elite melee. Multiplayer love it all aside from armor lock'
Halo 4: Good campaign with lots of issue. Too much change to the sandbox. Multiplayer i only loved 1 mode that got rip after a couple month only.
Halo 5: Ok campaign "And I'm stretching" im fine with running but the Titan supers doesn't fit the sandbox at all. Multiplayer was fun at first and the lack of content at released killed it for me.
Halo Infinite: I am hype but skeptical has they have some redeeming to do in my eyes.
CE: Spawns, they're absolute garbage.
2: Double Burst yeah
3: Camping is kinda too easy if you have a power weapon.
ODST: Not enough reason to free roam the city.
Reach: Armor Abilities.
4: Vehicles too strong if you can't spawn with a PP.
5: Forced Competitiveness.
"Aspect" could qualify as many different things in this situation but these are mine.

CE: Pistol ruined the multiplayer in many ways

2: The outrageous legendary difficulty was this game's biggest issue in my opinion and if it had been as good as its predecessor in this regard Halo 2 could have been even better

3: The change of voice actors and the way Truth is written compared to Halo 2 really bothers me and makes the story less enjoyable

ODST: There really isn't a lot to complain about, but the strange changes made to the gameplay, specifically the awkward grenade-throwing arcs and not being able to use equipment greatly annoy me

Reach: The changes to the sandbox that got rid of dual wielding as well as minimizing the amount of weapons and vehicles made the campaign and multiplayer way less enjoyable to me

4: Chief and Cortana feel very different in this game compared to Halo 3 so their whole dynamic throughout the story feels somewhat forced and hard to believe

5: Terrible story. That's all there is to say. Wholly ruined the campaign for me
  • CE: Collision. It is the best and worst part of that game. You can send everything flying but die with a tap. You slide around and never hit your punch.
  • 2: I'm not great at it. Dunno what specifically but its easily my worst Halo.
  • 3: Projectiles. Everything is a projectile. Leading the BR sucks. The Scorpion is a pain. If you have any lag, shots don't count. Shooting in Halo 3 is not as fun as others.
  • ODST: The Rookies Sausage finger on the silenced SMG has always pissed me off for no particular reason.
  • Reach: Armour Lock. No questions asked, Armour lock is cheap and sucky.
  • 4: Infinity Slayer. It's actually really fun when it's not infinity slayer.
  • 5: Campaign. The entire campaign. It's the only Halo campaign which I have not replayed.
I absolutely agree with Armor Lock and the Smaller radar. I still think the Pistol is too good in Halo 1 and in Halo 2 it's rare to run into BXR users. I never really had a problem with equipment since you had to pick it up on the map. But the other two? Armor Lock was needed when Jet Pack/Grenade combo of the beta shook your screen and stunned you. When the grenades were fixed it wasn't needed as much, however that radar in Halo 5 has gotten me killed so many times, I hope they never listen to the Pro community that much again. I actually do better with no radar.
I absolutely agree with Armor Lock and the Smaller radar. I still think the Pistol is too good in Halo 1 and in Halo 2 it's rare to run into BXR users. I never really had a problem with equipment since you had to pick it up on the map. But the other two? Armor Lock was needed when Jet Pack/Grenade combo of the beta shook your screen and stunned you. When the grenades were fixed it wasn't needed as much, however that radar in Halo 5 has gotten me killed so many times, I hope they never listen to the Pro community that much again. I actually do better with no radar.
Halo 5s problem was mostly how damn competitive it is literally all the time. Its non stop and its annoying.
CE: Nothing in an of itself. But I miss some of the modern features in later titles.

2: Legendary co-op resetting you to checkpoint if one of you dies. This combined with insta-gib sniper jackles is absolutely insane. Oh and combined with the verticle screen split so you have no peripheral to handle those snipers.

3: Tbh I feel like this one's campaign aged the worst of the original trilogy. Levels feel kind of shallow until you reach the Ark.

ODST: Lack of normal MP? ODST's still seeming too powerful? I dont really have any strong negative feelings on this game tbh.

Reach: The first 2 levels just dont interest me. I like doing entire campaign runs but Reach always makes me feel like skipping the first two because they're so bland.

4: Boring sandbox. Thanks to loadouts weapons have been balanced to the point where they all feel far too samey. The more unique sandbox of CE is utterly destroyed in a way the previous games didnt even manage.

5: Cortana being brought back to life.

HW: Lack of covie campaign entirely. I seem to recall some of the voices in MP still being human when playing as them, making them feel of lower quality.

HW2: The banished not having a campaign against the UNSC. Given how the Spirit of Fire mostly just rolls over them, it makes them feel weak that they can't score any victories against an old ship with half a crew. Yes they got a campaign, but its fighting the flood.
CE: hit mechanics
2: Nothing honestly
3: the brute’s dumb AI
ODST: nothing atm
4: Cortana
5: Locke being the new protagonist- I’m an original
  • CE: it's dated, but that's really not its fault
  • H2: ridiculously unbalanced campaign game play
  • H3: getting interrupted by ghost Cortana at the most inopportune times
  • ODST: it wasn't longer
  • Reach: Jun just kinda -yoinks- off and we don't really ever get a resolution to his story arc (Fistful of Arrows did a great job of trying to answer that question)
  • H4: the Promethean Watchers completely ruined game play by forcing you to take them out first (seems small but it kinda screws up the entire game)
  • H5: so many things.........