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Would you be disappointed if Halowas lootershooter


I think this would be kind of cool, where you can explore the Halo ring with a group of spartans and a group of Marines. You can upgrade your weponds and vechlie with parts from abandoned bases you find and the story follows a spartan or marine as he tries to track down his lost squad almost like Halo CE as you are trying to find Keyes and the way missions work could be like ODST where you are the ODST tracking down your lost squad and you have to follow the trail and then it puts you in the shoes of the other guys and shows you what happened.
I am fine with 343 exploring other genres and story lines within the Halo universe. I actually think they are going to double down and create new Halo experiences. Just don't let it affect the mainline Halo games.
Seeing as how Destiny 1 and 2 were both disappointments and the Division wasn't much better. Yes I would be disappointed if they did that to a mainline Halo game
Some of us have jobs and can't spend all day grinding for a different set of ones and zeros for our character, so yes, I would be extremely disappointed.
I would, because it would once again feel like Halo tried to be something it is not. Halo 4 tried to be a CoD style game, with perks, rewards for streaks of kill and vice versa. Halo 5 jumped onboard with the fast paced mechanics trend, not that i did not enjoy it but Halo needs to set its own course, not follow that of others which is different genres. A Halo looter shooter could be possible, but it would have to be a spinoff title then.
I would too because for that we have Borderlands and Co. All I need from Halo is a good campaign that keeps me on the edge with a good story with nicely designed levels so I can have a fair challenge while playing through it on legendary and I'm all set. Multiplayer is a bonus for me.
If halo infinite is a looter shooter I wont buy it,thats not the kind of game halo is
In a word...."Yes" If they did, then copy everything the Borderlands franchise did right, and do not even try to be a Destiny wannabe.
As the possibly only Destiny player here, I’d be disappointed if they did something like this, Halo just needs to be Halo, not a Destiny/ Borderlands like
I wouldn't mind them trying out the genre in a spin off, rather them not for Infinite.
I wouldn't be opposed to it but I wouldn't have very high expectations. Preferably as a spin off game though. Might work a little better if you play as a smuggler/pirate/scavenger/etc that isnt held back by military orders and the chain of command. The whole missing squad thing works but we've already done that in odst, plus playing as one of the mentioned kinda characters might give more a freedom kinda feeling. Might also work as an elite character in that way.
I personally think it would be terrible, though I do have a massive distaste for that particular genre. Now if they were to more copy a RPG style like Mass Effect, the new God of War, or similar titles, I believe the game would actually greatly benefit. But that's just what I think.
Depends on how it would work. If its just a bunch of randomly generated guns, then yeah, Im not interested.
Now, if there was like, VARIATIONS of the different weapons you could get in-game, stuff we see in the REQ system now (and nothing but those), I would be entirely down.
Dont think it would work tho. Thats too far a depature from Halo's existing fanbase. 343s not that silly.
To know the Lore is to know Halo
"Dont be spoiled, dont start a fight. Always be careful, here at night. Because the Spartans might come, in suits that weigh half a ton. And they'll steal from you all you gots, just like they did from Colonel Watts."
Having played both Destiny 1 and 2 since beta days, I in all honestly would severely dislike the idea of Halo turning into a lootershooter. I love both Destiny and the Halo Franchise, but because both has different experiences that I enjoy. For instance, I love to play Destiny for its pve but I despise its multiplayer because its not skill based but rather based on who’s holding what gun in their hands. On the other side, I love halo for both its campaigns and pvp but prefer its pvp because I enjoy pvp games that are mostly skill based. If halo started focusing more toward their campaigns and storyline it might seem interesting, but it would ruin what Halo is meant to be. It’s like if bungie tried to take Destiny and make the crucible larger and focuse more on pvp rather than pve. It would ruin what Destiny is as a game. Some players have a hard time accepting change while others welcome it, but to change a game like Halo to the extent of focusing on what used to be the small parts and less on the big parts would be like completely rewriting the franchise and its design.
It would entirely destroy the campaign and bring the multiplayer into a balancing nightmare like Destiny was, god no!