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Wtf is this and when was it a thing? Halo Recruit

OP Scorch27

Its called Halo Recruit. It looks like a PC VR shooter. Ran across it by simply looking up Halo on Xbox app and its PC only. I posted it on reddit.
This was in the Microsoft Stores everywhere when that was a thing. RIP Physical stores.
It's a free app which is meant to introduce people into VR, particularly Microsoft's "Windows Mixed Reality (WMR)" platforms using Microsoft's most famous IP, being Halo. It's incredibly simple, quick and doesn't really have any gameplay so to speak. It's very much an app to show off WMR headsets in Microsoft Stores like Shawn4Japan mentioned. The app released in 2017.

Ultimately it's cool for showing off virtual presence, interaction, and sense of scale in VR; but Valve's "The Lab" does all that much better. Halo: Recruit is not a game, it's a simple tech demo used to sell WMR Headsets when that was a big push.
Looks like something that was thrown together in a few minutes with already made assets.
oh that, that was pretty weird to be honest. only saw reviws and videos of people using it and really wasn't a big fan
It was back when MS were really pushing Mixed Reality for Windows.
I have seen it before
actually thinking back a while (2-3 years) i did almost download it
Vr madness once upon a time but never heard it i think....