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Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse Support?

OP Corruptinator

I've noticed recently that Xbox One will soon have official support for keyboard and mouse, but the catch is that the game developers must opt in to support the new features for the games, meaning that not all Xbox Games will be compatible.

However, regardless of implementation. I do see some benefits should 343 choose to implement them to current and future Halo Games. Say Master Chief Collection, 5: Guardians, or INFINITE. Such as:
  • Alternative Keyboard and Mouse Gameplay.
  • Advanced Forge Controls (3D Editing Gimbals, Mouse Click Selections, ADVANCED FORGE SCRIPTING, etc) [Take Halo 5 Forge for PC for example]
  • Quick Text Chat instead of using the Xbox Microphone Headset.
  • Easier renaming Custom Files/Theater Uploads.
Normally I am not going to be biased to whether say that I am all in for the idea; However, if I do say such an acceptance to the keyboard and mouse feature, I would deeply look forward to using this in Forge Mode. What are your thoughts? Should it be added or just leave the Console Halo games the way they were simply meant to play.

Also, 343 might just take this as a huge possibility to implement this in the next INSIDER/Beta Update Builds of Master Chief Collection to let brave spartans experiment the keyboard and mouse.
I've been seeing quite a bit of news about the new keyboard and mouse support, recently. I am curious to see if 343 Industries will make any sort of announcement on whether or not Halo 5 and the Master Chief Collection will support mouse and keyboard.
It'd be AWESOME for forge, I didn't even think of that.
I really hope they bring KBM support to halo 5. It sounds amazing, it's what the world wants. That's why people made Halo Online. It had such a big audience and a lot of support on Twitch. I would imagine it would bring a lot more players back into the game for sure. It seems like a no brainier.
Just wait till Halo Infinite comes out on PC, you’ll see a large player basis comes back.
I wouldn't mind if people used it in matchmaking it would give me a challenge to beat them, but I know many others think otherwise. I'm sure they will allow it in forge though. The only reason I would use a keyboard is to text on xbox live. The keys on the chat pads are way too small.
I've never been a huge Forge guy, mainly because I get a bit impatient with the thumbsticks on the controller for the editing of objects. With keyboard and mouse support, Forge is definitely something I'd keep tabs on getting involved with in the future.
Forge is fun to play around with sometimes but it can get rather taxing with a controller.
For me it would be an Neat Feature for Campaign and Local-Multiplayer. But for Public Matchmaking? I don't know...
I know the competitive guys will have an issue with it, but if M/KB support can be seperated from those playlists then I’m perfectly happy with it.
I'm up for it for forge but I'm not really thrilled for the idea of it for actual competitive areas. I feel it would shorten the skill gap a lot, which halo has always been known for being one of the best games for. Halo is a very "work until you get good" game, and I feel like with keyboard and mouse setups it would sort of bring a whole new meta, and set current top players back as they would have to get used to playing against newcomers whom are suddenly good at the game, because their good with keyboard and mouse. Not to mention that it would perhaps make long time players have to fully learn how to play with a new set up, simply because the meta requires it to. I'd like to hear others thoughts on the topic haha.
It's a possibility for Halo Infinite. Infinite will be released on PC. That provides them the oppuopportu to allow KBM on Xbox for Infinite as long as those players would only matchmake with PC players.
I thought they were going to add it for forge and chatting not gameplay.
Quick Text Chat instead of using the Xbox Microphone Headset.
I've been doing this for some time with my wireless keyboard. This function, at least, works as of now.
I'd love to have keyboard and mouse support as a mainly PC gamer, but I'd despise it in matchmaking due to the advantage it would give against controller. If they segregated controller from K&M in matchmaking it'd be fine, but otherwise I don't see it being to good of an idea for the game.

Hopefully that's the case for Infinite (as well as a Steam release for PC), because matchmaking would become extremely unbalanced for those on using K&M and those using controllers.