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You favorite enemy in Halo?

OP King slayer7553

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Crawlers - like little dogs running about, assassinating them is a load of fun.

How a spartan assassinates an enemy has a huge role in how I feel about each enemy.

Outside of that a the Elite Hero or Elite Specialist, Found in a few campaign levels in Reach on Legendary.
Elites and Grunts
I have to go with the Flood Pure Form (H3). 3 enemies in 1, and each type had quite different abilities / attacks.
Elites. Especially the ones in Halo CE and Halo 2.
Grunts, especially with the Grunt Birthday Party skull on.
The Banished. After seeing the Brutes get curb stomped over and over again. It was nice to just see one competent Brute faction show how strong and intelligent Brutes can really be. Specifically the Atriox Chosen.
Grunts for sure.
I love playing against Elites. The AI is always so clever and they're so damn quick that it makes for a genuine challenge on higher difficulties.
i always had a great time walking up to jackals and melee them as they tried t desperately tried to run with their hands covering their heads
Grunts since it is easy to melee.</p>
I really like watching the grunts run around and get scared although I also really like to listen to 343 Guilty Spark since he can be rather funny.
I like the Grunts as well because they are pretty much cannon fodder and fun to aim at.
My favorite has to be fighting Prometheans. Their teleportation can be very annoying. But once you grab a Suppressor you end up destroying them

Lets go Diadact!
Hunters, very satisfying when you one shot them
Desde la primera vez que jugué halo, los cazadores son los que mas me dieron cosa, de chico siempre me dio miedo enfrentarme a ellos, tan solo por la fuera y el tamaño que tienen, serán mis favoritos
Definitely the Grunts. Their chatter and trash talk make the games so much more fun to play. I hope with Infinite that they go back to the way they were in the original Trilogy.
Also engineers if you consider them enemies. I always spare them, too cuddly
jackal snipers lol
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