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Your Best Halo Experience


Back in the days with the OG Xbox I played my fair share of halo 2 multiplayer. This is by far where my true Halo experience lies. Sure I've played most Halo games there after but nothing will come close for me to the experiences I had on Halo 2. In particular I was playing my regular TS matches with the usual friends I had met during my time on Xbox Live. On TS it was first to 50, the whole match we were neck and neck with the opposite team. Things were really getting sweaty and we were going all out to try and get the kills we needed to win. Holding down one end of lockout I was armed with BR and Sword. the score was 47-46 to them. One of their team came round to our side to try and get some kills he was using the Plasma pistol and BR combo, he took out one of my team mates I caught him with the sword killing him 48-47. The next guy comes round the corner he throws a sticky and takes away some of my shield again I catch him with my sword and kill him 48-48. I take a dive to their side. I pull out my BR and kill the foe at the middle of the map. 48-49 there is guy to my left that gets me with the BR, Plasma combo 49-49, i respawn throwing a random sticky to the other end of the map it lands on one unexpecting foe. I hear my team mate yell OMG! and the match is over we won. The smack talk we got was unbelievable but i was beside myself. my team was elated we couldn't stop laughing. This by far was one of my most memorable moments of many. Can you share yours?
OG Halo 2's XBL days were before my "time" with the series (I played H2 campaign co-op some on a friend's Xbox, but never touched the MP), but everyone I've talked to who participated in that speaks of it in such glowing terms- including your testimony above- that I wish I had a DeLorean and a Flux Capacitor to go back and steep myself in that place in time for a while.

Personally, my best times with the series were the late X360 days pre-Halo 4. The first Halo campaign I played all the way through, and the first one I played multilayer in, was Halo: Reach. It was an incredible experience for me and really endeared me to the series. I went back and veraciously played Halo CE, H2, H3 and ODST, getting to know them all by heart. I played a fair amount of PvP multiplayer in Reach and Halo 3, but I think my fondest memories lie in playing through the campaigns on repeat, and in spending countless hours immersed in Reach's PvE sandbox through that game's Firefight mode. It was the right time in my life (early High School) and those were the perfect experiences for me.

I'd have to give an honorable mention to present-day MCC as a runner-up, though! I'm more jaded and less capable of letting loose and having fun than I was back then, but MCC has become an incredible experience and a wonderful escape from the tedium of daily life for me. It just takes those experiences I loved so much back then and provides me a super accessible way to play them basically simultaneously.

Thanks for bringing this subject up, OP! Awesome to reminisce some about the "good ol' days".
Yeah i do miss me some Halo 2 OG multiplayer i hope they do well with the ranking system in infinite so far they are on the right path IMO specially with their being no assasinations at launch. But i have a ton of memorys as a kid playing with friends/cousins 4 way splitscreen on a smaller TV cuz big tvs werent really that common back then the struggle.... LOL
The great thing is that these games are accessible and so many more happy memories can be created by fans new and old. I hope that split screen makes a come back at some point. There's no better experience than the couch coop or mp, especially when you're winning. I'm looking forward to playing infinite and getting back into halo, over the years my enthusiasm for halo has dwindled but I think I can recoup some of the love I had for the series.
My best Halo experience was getting my first Halo 3 50 which was in Team Slayer.
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All of it <3