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Your favorite halo gun is...

OP ArbiterRokz68

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Halo CE Magnum and Halo Reach Sniper
Assault Rifle always liked the design. Blood of Suban is 2nd though.
My favourite is the DMR (Halo Reach for the looking, Halo 4 for its gameplay).
Either the carbine rifle or the battle rifle. I've been starting to really appreciate the DMR lately too.
The DMR is an excellent weapon.
Easily the Needle Rifle. Energy Sword is a close second I'd definitely pair it with the NR.

Otherwise, other really fun weapons for me include the Plasma Rifle (Reach/3), AR, BR (H4/H2A), Gravity Hammer (H3), Needler, and Grenade Launcher.
H4 Covenant carbine, sniper rifle, DMR and shotgun.
Sniper, I'm a beast w that.
The Br is a favourite of mine.
Needle Rifle, basically a Covenant DMR.
The assault rifle, it doesn't matter which one. I like them all, the look and sound is iconic.
Covenant Carbine, CE Magnum, and Halo 4 AR
just depends on what game mode im playing
Obviously the Scarab Gun! Literally nothing else can compete!
Halo 2 br

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The Halo Reach Shotgun, the gritty aspect of Reach was PERFECT for the Shotgun. My second favorite is probably the 2001 CE AR, it had a taller, less slim model than the Halo:CEA 2011 model that made it seem more powerful, I also preferred the lighter color scheme. And my third favorite is 100% the Halo Reach Energy sword, I preferred it when it was an aggressive type of model, Halo 4/5 made it weird though. It didn't even look that sharp in those games.
BR of course
for each game:
Halo CE the sniper rifle.
Halo 2 The BR (why even ask)
Halo 3 the shotty
Halo 4 the Saw
But no doubt about it, my all time favorite: the Halo 5 Magnum.
Sniper, I'm a beast w that.
honestly I find the sniper really fun, but I just can't seem to get the quickscopes.
I always thought the game mechanics regarding the sniper are really well done, and really requires skill to use effectively. (something I obviously don't have)
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