Combat Evolved
Combat Evolved

The story that spawned a legendary series

Responsible for revolutionizing the console first-person shooter genre, Halo: Combat Evolved is a sci-fi shooter that takes place on a mysterious alien ring-world. As the Chief, your objective is to uncover Halo’s terrible secrets and destroy mankind's sworn enemy, the Covenant.

Battles rage on foot, in vehicles, inside and outdoors with a vast array of Human and Covenant weaponry—an experience positively packed with combat. Experience incredible mission variety solo or cooperatively with a friend, and engage in intense shootouts in split screen multiplayer combat with up to 16 players via System Link.

The Grand Canyon

In this installment of Vintage Fisticuffs, we go back to “Two Betrayals” to bear witness to epic.

HSH: Speed Run of the Week 5

High Speed Halo presents Halo: CE, The Silent Cartographer, in 3:29 by Devin Olsen and goatrope.

HSH: Speed Run of the Week 1

High Speed Halo presents Halo: CE, The Silent Cartographer, Legendary, in 3:54 by insidi0us.

Then & Now: Weapon Sounds 1

Compare classic Halo: Combat Evolved weapon sounds to their remastered Halo: Anniversary updates.
Tribute to High Impact Halo

Tribute to High Impact Halo

A look at some historic moments from Halo fansite High Impact Halo.

E3 2000 Halo Demo

Halo Waypoint gears up for this year's E3 with a look back: Our peek look at Halo: Combat Evolved.
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Microsoft Studios
First Person Shooter
Release Date
Thursday, November 15, 2001
Xbox (Playable on Xbox 360), PC
System Link
HDTV 480p
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