SPECIES: Sangheili
HOMEWORLD: Sanghelios
AVERAGE HEIGHT: 7ft 4in-8ft 6in (223-259cm)
AVERAGE WEIGHT: 307-393lbs (139-178kg)

Cruel and without mercy, the Elite Zealot has always been the highest favored class within the Covenant military, although now it has taken a far more central role. As the most fervent adherents to the faith, Elite Zealots were often viewed as ruthless warmongers, even within the context of the Covenant. But with the absence of San’Shyuum leadership, the Zealots have shifted into the more practical arena of social and political leadership, operating as the consummate head of the Covenant. Politics notwithstanding, contemporary Elite Zealots still actively participate in combat operations, employing lethal spec-ops weapons, equipment, and experience in the field.