Halo 5 Pro Series Announcement

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As Halo Infinite continues to bake in the oven, we wanted to provide some updates on what to expect in Halo esports in the near future. Since the announcement of Halo Infinite’s shift to 2021, we’ve been working as quickly as we can with our partners to provide some competition for players to keep busy and sharpen their skills until the HCS returns for Halo Infinite.

Our goals:

  • Provide regular competitions for players around the world to compete in
  • Continue to experiment with new formats and broadcast experiences where it makes sense
  • Provide support for players of both MCC (Halo 3) as well as Halo 5.

MCC Competition

Just a few days ago we saw the stunning conclusion to the MCC Pro Series season, with the Last Dance winning in the Open Tournament and then winning in the Pro Tournament immediately after. Congratulations to Goofy, Eco, Gilkey, and Tripppey! For the remainder of the year, we will be shifting formats to put more focus on Halo 5 once again. We understand there are still many players who love competing in Halo 3 (as well as Halo 5) and we wanted to ensure those players can keep competing, especially with the exciting upcoming release of Halo 3: ODST and the highly anticipated Halo 3 hit registration update. Halo 3’s format will now shift to a weekly open tournament, and the prize pool has been doubled from $500 to $1,000 due to the continued support of Halo 3 from the community. In order to ensure teams can compete in multiple tournaments (both run by 343 and HCS Grassroots partners), these will now take place each Friday beginning on Friday, September 25. Player seeds will still be tracked by Faceit ELO to allow for properly seeded tournaments, but there are no roster transaction restrictions, so you can feel free to compete with whomever you’d like to on a weekly basis. See below for full roadmap

Halo 3 PC Dates:

  • September 25
  • October 2
  • October 9
  • October 16
  • October 23
  • November 6
  • November 13
  • November 20
  • November 27
  • December 4
  • December 11

Halo 5 Pro Series on Xbox

Since the last major Halo 5 tournament nearly two years ago, our focus has been on MCC. We’ve seen a great response from players, fans, and partners during this time – but we heard feedback that fans of Halo 5, especially those in other regions, were also clamoring to compete once again. The HCS Grassroots tournament partners like Europa Halo, GTHalo, and SWAT Nation have done so much to support Halo 5 fans in the meantime (thank you!) and we wanted to show more official support for Halo 5 in addition to MCC. For the remainder of the year, due to growing feedback from the community, we are shifting the main focus of the “Pro Series” format to Halo 5 on Xbox but with two major changes:

  • We’ve adjusted the format for North American competition.
  • We’ve added competition for LATAM, EMEA, as well as ANZ.

NA Format

  • We will start the season with two open tournaments – this ensures we have more Faceit ELO and seeding to go from rather than just one tournament. The Top 16 teams from the second Open tournament will move on to the first Pro tournament.
  • The Pro Tournament will feature the same format as the MCC Pro Series, where we’ll start with a Round Robin group stage (4 groups of 4) which will then feed into an 8 team single elimination bracket. Once again, those 8 teams in the single elimination bracket will qualify for the subsequent Pro tournament while the remaining teams must fight through the open bracket once more in the following week.
  • After the conclusion of the second Pro Tournament, we will hold a Season Championship for the Top 8 teams. This tournament will feature a Round Robin Group stage (2 groups of 4) which will then feed into a 4 team single elimination bracket where the winner will be crowned Season Champion.
  • We will then host another season with the same format – Faceit ELO will remain.

NA Roadmap and Prizing

  • September 26 - Open - $1,000
  • October 3 - Open - $1,000
  • October 10 - Pro - $5,000
  • October 17 - Open - $1,000
  • October 24 - Pro - $5,000
  • November 7 - Season Championship - $10,000 (Broadcasted on Twitch and YouTube)
  • November 14 - Open - $1,000
  • November 21 - Pro - $5,000
  • November 28 - Open - $1,000
  • December 5 - Pro - $5,000
  • December 12 - Season Championship - $10,000 (Broadcasted on Twitch and YouTube)

 LATAM, ANZ, and EMEA Format

  • The remainder of the year will be split into two seasons.
  • Each week there will be an open tournament where players are competing for $1,000 in prizing as well Faceit ELO.
  • After multiple weeks of competition, the Top 8 teams from the final Open Tournament will qualify for the Season Championship.
  • The Season Championship will feature a Round Robin (2 teams of 4) group stage which will then feed into a 4 team single elimination bracket.
  • We will then host another season with the same season format once again – Faceit ELO will remain.

 LATAM, EMEA, and ANZ roadmap

  • September 26 - Open - $1,000
  • October 3 - Open - $1,000
  • October 10 - Open - $1,000
  • October 17 - Open - $1,000
  • October 24 - Open- $1,000
  • October 31 - Season Championship - $5,000
  • November 14 - Open - $1,000
  • November 21 - Open - $1,000
  • November 28 - Open - $1,000
  • December 5 - Season Championship - $5,000


Registration on FACEIT will be available in the coming days, follow @HCS on Twitter to see exactly when it goes live.

We’re excited to resume Halo 5 competition as we’re sure many of you are as well, but you might be wondering why we’re going with Xbox. We know lots of Halo competitors have been gaming on PC this year as we’ve experimented and supported MCC on PC. Support on MCC PC will continue, but we feel the console experience for Halo 5 overall is more stable and reliable for large open competitions and tournaments with larger prize pools. Additionally, only the console version features observer mode which is critical for broadcasting Halo 5 competitions which we intend to do.

All of this information, as well as tournament results when they take place, will be featured on

We understand that the wait for Halo Infinite has been a long one and we appreciate all of the competitive community’s patience as we work to deliver the best Halo title we possibly can. We do not take this lightly. Thank you all for your dedication to competing in Halo, and we wish everyone luck in the upcoming competitions.

For the latest on Halo esports, be sure to follow @HCS on twitter and keep an eye on



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